We manufacture media with creative, custom packaging including unique die cuts, special printing effects, and eco-friendly options. Media options include discs, usbs, and video panels. Packaging options include cd, dvd, books, boxes, vinyl LPs, digipaks, jackets, covers, mailers, and more. Custom is what we do!


We manufacture optical media CDs, DVDS, USBs, and very cool Video Screens that go in our packaging.


Custom Packaging

We make all kinds of packaging and media.
We specialize in Custom, Special Printing Effects, and Eco-Friendly.


Hardcover Books, Box Sets, Custom Digipaks, LPs, Vinyl Packaging, USB Packaging, Custom Jackets & Covers, Video Screen Notebooks, and more!


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We make custom packaging for media, and the media itself. Nothing is off the shelf here so we do not have on-line purchases. But you can browse and add things to your wishlist to help build your spec for a custom quote.  Every title tends to have a unique spec because there are TONS of options. In fact, it can be hard to categorize products because they often overlap several categories! We’ve tried to create several main categories for your browsing.

Custom Packaging

Media Manufacturing

We also created some Special Collections & Sets to help your browsing experience. You can find these further below on this page.

We make many types of box sets and can do them in any size! You can view lots of types of boxes on our Box Set Page:

All Boxes Page



Deluxe Boxes Rigid Box Sets are made with a chipboard core. They are deluxe boxes and generally hold media (books, discs, vinyl, etc.) or other retail items (perfume, cosmetics, keys, etc.). Boxes can be 1 piece hinged, or 2 piece top and bottom lid. These types of boxes can be printed or wrapped with material.

Deluxe, Rigid Boxes

Deluxe Folding Boxes are also made with a chipboard core, but designed to fold flat (a huge savings in shipping). They frequently have interior wells to hold specific items.

Deluxe, Folding Boxes

Video Screen Boxes are specialized boxes and have an LCD panel built into them for internet free delivery of your video.

Video Screen Boxes

Art Card Boxes Portfolio / Software Boxes are collapsible boxes that are made with an art card stock (15/16pt or 310gsm+). These frequently have a built in shelf for media.

Art Card Boxes

Slipcase Box Sets involve a slipcase around other packaging elements. For example, a slipcase to hold a multidisc digipak set together, or multiple jackets. Slipcases are made of art card (15/16pt 310 gsm+) and can be collapsed.

Slipcase Box Sets

We are delighted to welcome vinyl records back and happy to be making the best limited edition, collector set vinyl packaging around! You can peruse all vinyl packaging types at our top level page:

All Vinyl Record Packaging


Most vinyl records requests are variations on 12″ size, but if you need another size, we can certainly do it. Here are the popular types of vinyl record packaging our clients request:

Vinyl LP – 2pp or 4pp Cover, Album Packaging
Vinyl LPs

Vinyl Book – Hardcover Coffee Table Book Holding Records
Vinyl Books

Vinyl Box Sets – Hinged 1 Piece, or Top & Bottom 2 Piece
Vinyl Box Sets

Related Items

Inner Sleeves – Solid White or Black, Die Cut Centers, 1C or 4C Printed, Vellum
Inner Sleeves

Add Ons: Posters, Download Cards, Discs, Books, OBI Strips, Bags, Slipcases, etc.
Add Ons[/button

You can also visit our site dedicated to Vinyl Record Packaging!

Hardcover Books are beautiful, deluxe coffee table type books that hold media and have inner pages. You can look at all book types here:

All Hardcover Books


The book size frequently reflects the type of media, but not always. Mixed media collections often take the form of 12×12″, for example. Popular size options:

Hardcover books are made by wrapping a rigid chipboard core material. The outside wrap can be printed, or a linen or leather material. The inside wrap can be 4C printed, or a solid black or kraft paper wrap. Learn more about Wraps:
Book Wraps

Books can hold any number of pages you want, starting at 8pp and increasing by 4pp increments.  If you have 28pp or fewer, the inner pages are stapled. If you go over 28, perfect binding or stitched perfect bound become options.  You can also do fun things like Fly Sheets or Vellum overlays. Learn more:
Stapled Inner Pages, <28pp
Perfect Bound Inner Pages
Special Paper Stocks

There are several ways to hold the media depending on the type(s) of media. Options include trays (clear, paper, foam), hubs (cork, foam), and sleeves (glued on or swinging). Learn more:
Clear Tray 5″
Clear Tray 7″
Recycled Paper Trays
Foam Trays
Cork Hubs
Foam Hubs
Glued on Sleeve Pocket
Swinging Sleeve

Also visit our dedicated site to Hardcover Books!

Authentic Blue Note LPs are made in the same way as yesterday. We start with a rigid chipboard core, apply printed wraps to the outside and inside, and finish the product with a lamination.

  • Rigid, chipboard core product
  • Printed 4C wrap outside and across inside (continuous art)
  • Choice of gloss or matte lamination
  • 1 or 2 Outward facing pockets
  • Inner Sleeves: Black Matte, Vellum, 1C, 4C
  • Booklets: 4pp +

Go to Blue Note LP Page

Question: What makes a digipak a digipak?
Answer: a Tray
All Digipaks Page

The nature of the tray really defines the size of the packaging. Common options are CD Sized, DVD Sized, or MegaTall (used for multidisc collections).

  • CD Sized 5×5″
  • DVD Sized 5×7″, 7×5″
  • MegaTall 10″ (uses 5″ trays on one panel)

Trays can be the traditional plastic, clear trays, or we have special eco-friendly recycled paper trays (see Eco Digipaks) for a plastic free alternative. Custom made foam trays give you additional flexibility as we can create them in any size or configuration (e.g., disc & usb combo).

Paper stock thickness is usually 15/16pt (310gsm), although we can go thicker…up to 28pt.  Lamination is another way to add thickness. Types of paper include a crisp white, recycled, uncoated matte, and fiberboard.

5″ CD Digipaks
7″ DVD Tall Digipaks
Multidisc Digipaks
Eco Digipaks
Foam Tray Digipaks
Custom Digipaks
Cross Digipaks

Digipak options:

  • Printing 4C/0C or 4C/4C
  • Paper thickness from 15/16pt to 28pt
  • Choice of trays:
    • Clear trays (5″, 7″, single or double disc)
    • Paper trays (100% recycled with cork hub, 5″ only)
    • Foam trays (perfect for custom configurations)
  • Special paper stocks
  • Special Effects Printing

Jackets are super versatile. We can make them in any size, with numerous types of paper stocks, and the media can be held in numerous ways.

Take a look at our top level jacket page to browse all kinds of jackets:
All Jackets Page


CD Jackets – Variations around 5inch tall but completely customizable!
CD Jackets

DVD Jackets (Tall) – Variations around 7inch tall
Tall DVD Jackets

Eco Jackets
– Plastic free, recycled paper, soy inks
Eco Jack