Looking to manufacture a Slipcase Box Set? We make a slipcase set in multiple styles, sizes, and with a variety of materials. Everything here is custom manufactured in accordance to your spec. (i.e., we do not have any pre-made “off-the-shelf” items). Below are some of our most requested themes for slipcase box sets.

Slipcase Box Set – Types by Media

  • CD Slipcase 5 x 5″
  • DVD Slipcase 5×7″
  • BluRay Slipcase 6.5×5.3
  • MegaTall Set 5×10″
  • StoryBook Slipcase 6×8″
  • Portfolio or Letter Size 8×11″
  • Book Slipcases usually 5×8 or 6×9″
  • Vinyl Record Slipcase 12 x 12″

Slipcase Box Set – Types by Materials

  • Rigid slipcase with Chipboard Core (rigid boxes fully formed or partially formed)
  • Collapsible media slipcases with Art Card paper stock (15/16pt 310gsm+), can ship flat

Slipcase Box Set Sizes

We measure slipcases in L x W x H and can manufacture them in any size you need. Typically CD Sizes vary around the 5″ height and may hold jackets, digipaks, LPs, or jewelcases. They may hold one title with a companion book, or multidisc sets. If we are manufacturing the media for you (i.e., a complete media set) then we’ll be able to calculate the exact dimensions. If we are making slipcases only for you (no media), you’ll need to tell us the measurements. We’ll create a mockup to help make sure the dimensions are right.

DVD or movie sized slipcases are 5×7 or 7×5 variations.

Artcard Slipcase Sets

Most slipcase box sets are made with artcard, 310gsm or higher. These boxes collapse flat. If we are making just the slipcases for you, this is a good option.

If you want a thicker slipcase, 18pt/350gsm + lamination, offers quite a substantial slipcase, such as the below slipcase:

Die Cuts on slipcas circle cutout and notch
Slipcase Box, 18pt / 350gsm + lamination

Rigid Slipcase Boxes

Rigid slipcases are made with a sturdy chipboard core. They make premium, deluxe box sets. These slipcase boxes are keeper items and definitely not disposed of.

Fabric paper or linen is a popular option for Limited Releases and sets aside a title as special. Linen is a wide weave and can only be silkscreened with very simple 1C art. Fabric paper has a tighetr weave and works well for more complex 4C artwork.

Slipcase Box Set Side loading with fabric paper and matte disc sleeves.

The below box set is a leather wrapped chipboard core box, made with four digipaks and a spiral bound notebook.

Leather Wrap Box Set, side load with bellyband 4C
Leather Wrapped, Rigid Slipcase Box Set

A variation we can do on rigid slipcases, is a partially assembled slipcase made with peel and stick tape. To assembly the boxes, you remove the tape and form the box in place.

Slipcase Set Pricing and Minimum Order

Adding a slipcase to a complete media set of items (i.e., a slipcase box set with books, digipaks, etc.), is not expensive. But if we are providing a slipcase box as an after-market add-on (i.e., you already have the discs), you may find the a-la-carte approach to be less cost effective. To improve cost effectiveness, we would recommend slipcases that fold flat for shipping to minimize shipping cost.

Box sets can be made to hold any type of media, printed item, or retail item. We manufacture optical media such as cd dvd discs and USBs. We also print books and various types of cards and literature inserts. If you need specialty items such as stickers or pencils, we have vendors for those types of add-ons.

Belly Band & OBI Strips

Belly band obi strip for slipcase set

Belly bands and OBI strips are a thin piece of paper that wraps around the product. They are usually used to convey retail information such as bar codes and pricing.

Printing, Paper Stocks, & Special Effects

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