LP Packaging has a variety of definitions and can be made in an authentic, retro style with a rigid chipboard core, or constructed of art card folded up to make panels (more commonly called jackets or wallets). We make them in 12 inch vinyl sizes, as well as CD, and in- between sizes. We can make single panel 2pp LPs, or 4pp bifold LPs. We can even add a swinging sleeve to hold the record or disc. Whatever you need we have you covered!

  • By size / media:
  • By material:
    • Authentic LP = Rigid, chipboard core, Bluenote style.
      • Construction: Printed wrap is laminated over the chipboard core.
    • Art Card Jacket = Paper stock 15/16pt 310gsm, panels are created by folding the paper
      • Construction: Paper is folded to create panels, has inner spines between panels
  • By panels:
    • 2pp Cover = single envelope, front & back panel
    • 4pp Cover = Bi-fold, outside front & back panel, inside left & right panel
  • Pockets
    • Traditional pocket(s) facing outwards
    • Pocket(s) facing upwards
    • Glued-on Sleeve Pocket(s)
    • Swinging Sleeve Pocket(s)

LP Packaging Products

Meet a CD LP and get to know it:

LP Packaging is even better with booklets, posters, or inner sleeves to protect the media. Consider foil stamping or an OBI strip for extra embellishment.

Some items frequently viewed with LPs…

Did you know we can aso wrap a LP in Linen?

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