Multidisc Box Sets - CD DVD USB Books Vinyl Video Retail Items

Types & Features of Box Sets
Boxes can be made any dimension, and to hold any type of discs in inner packaging.
Common heights:
  • 5 Inch ( cd jewelcases, digipaks, jackets, LPs)
  • 7 Inch (dvd amaray cases, tall digipaks, jackets)
  • 9-10 Inch (megatall digipaks, jackets)

Boxes can hold discs, but also other retail items including:

  • Books, Notebooks, Manuals, Flipbooks
  • USB Drives
  • Vinyl Records and Cassettes
  • Video Panel Screens
  • Pencils, stickers, toys, coins, stencils, etc

Chipboard Boxes - Construction & Materials:

  • Rigid Boxes are made with a thick chipboard core. They are glued and not collapsible.
    Cigar boxes are good examples.
  • Chipboard boxes can be wrapped with a printed paper wrap and laminated
  • Wrapped with a fabric like linen or hemp which can be silkscreened 1C or foil stamped.
  • Wrapped with material like vinyl or leather which can be debossed or foil stamped.

Paperstock Boxes - Construction & Materials:

  • Paperstock Boxes are made with paper 15/16pt thickness and up
    and can be collapsed or flattened. Most slipcases are paper stock.
  • Multiple types of paper stocks are available, including white coated,
    matte uncoated, recycled, and fiberboard.
  • Lamination can also be done on the paper, along with special effects
    such as foil, die cuts, embossing, or spot gloss.

Examples of Multidisc Box Sets:

deluxe box set cd dvd usb 5inch 2 piece leather vinyl box set debossed bellyband multidisc set collection of digipaksdeluxe fabric box cd vinyl set linen  foilingdeluxe usb box set packaging chipboard core lamination
multidisc slipcase die cut lettering spot glossdeluxe box set vellum sleeves 5 cds dvds collection chipboard coremultidisc slipcase set dvd cases 5 fivedeluxe box set multi disc cd book
chipboard box set cd dvd multidisc vellum sleevesdeluxe box set cd jacket collection foam hubbox set usb cd 5 inch chipboardoversized box set cd and book classroom education set

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Multidisc Boxes / 5 Inch Height

Multidisc Box Sets / 5 Inch height
are frequently made for multidisc volumes of:

  • Digipaks
  • Jewelcases
  • LPs
  • Jackets
  • Sleeves (paper, solid, or vellum)

Boxes can be:

  • Top Loading
  • Hinged Box
  • 2 Piece Box Top Lid & Bottom

and can hold other items like posters, pictures, art cards, stickers, and download cards.

-- Examples of Multidisc Box Sets, 5 Inch Height

Top Loading Chipboard Box, wrapped with 4C printed paper, laminated, inner packaging 2pp jackets 4C:
multidisc box set cd dvd jacket removeable lid two piece set
deluxe box sets top loading disc collection cd dvd rigid chipboard material laminateddeluxe box set multidisc collection cd dvd jackets rigid top loading box lid

Two Piece Box Set, Top Lid & Bottom Unit:
deluxe cd box set chipboard two piecedeluxe boxes cd dvd 5 inch spot gloss laminationcd dvd box lid bottom closeup chipboard stock

Hinged Box, chipboard core wrapped with kraft paper, inner packaging vellum sleeves:
cd box set hinged chipboard kraft papercd box set vellum sleeve 5 disc multidisc setbox set vellum sleeves chipboard boxes cd setcd deluxe box set chipboard stock vellum sleeves 5 disc set cd box set chipboard stock booklet vellum sleeves

Hinged Box, 4C Wrap laminated. Inner packaging printed 2pp jackets:
cd box set 5 inch chipboard hingedcd box set inner jackets rigid chipboard stockcd box set inner jacket 3 disc

Hinged Box set with a variety of items inside:
deluxe cd box set  chipboard core art cardsdeluxe cd box set  chipboard core art cards

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USB Box Sets

USB Boxes can be made in any size.

  • If the USB Box Set is holding a disc, the size is generally around 5 Inch. The disc can be held with a foam hub on one side of the box, or left loose in a sleeve.
  • If the USB Box Set needs to hold a manual or book, it can be sized to match the book.

Foam wells or trays are usually used to securely snug in the usb thumb drive. These are custom cut to the usb model. An alternative to the foam well is a cardboard shelf with a cut out for the usb.

-- Examples of USB Boxes

Hinged USB Box, foam tray custom cut for Dolby thumb drive, metallic ink inside:usb box set foam well cut outdeluxe box set packaging usb hinged box foamdeluxe box set usb packaging

USB Disc Box set with disc held on foam hub, cardboard shelf to hold usb:
usb box dvd disc cd key shape cut outusb dvd disc box setkey shaped usb box set packaging

USB Book Box set with foam both sides, size approx 6x6":
usb book deluxe box set
usb bx set book disc chipboard core foam wellusb deluxe box set foam well book manualusb box set book manual disc foam well

Non-Chipboard USB Box made to look like a cassette:
custom usb box set duotone thumb drive cassette box designusb box made to look like cassette retro style
usb box set foam well duotone retro design cassette

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Linen Boxes / Leather Boxes

Special Effect Printing is a lot of fun on slipcases. Take a look at some of the possibilities:

  • Die cut lettering

  • Die cut shape knock outs

  • Windows & holes

  • Foil stamping

  • Spot UV Gloss

  • Matte or Gloss Lamination

  • Embossing or Debossing

You can also play around with special paper stocks like:

  • Natural Fiberboard (Brownish color)
  • Black Fiberboard
  • Uncoated Matte

-- Examples of Special Material Box Sets

Fabric Wrapped boxes (matching cd set with digipaks & vinyl set with records and art cards), blue linen with gold foil stamping:
vinyl cd set linen wrappedvinyl record box set linen wrapped gold foillinen wrapped boxes cd vinyl record set art cards cd box set linen wrapped blue fabric gold foil uncoated matte jacketslinen box set 5 jackets uncoated paper gold foil stamping on blue fabric

Leather (vinyl) material wrapped box set, debossing and a 4C printed belly band, inner packaging digipaks and a spiral notebook:

leather box set vinyl material wrap chipboard stock cd dvd caseleather vinyl cd dvd box set debossed digipaks spiral notebook belly bandcd box set leather digipak box setvinyl box set debossed digipak multidisc volume setspiral cd notebook pocket for disc

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Paperstock Boxes (non-chipboard)

Paperstock boxes, made of 15/16pt stock

  • Slipcase Boxes
  • Porfolio Boxes
  • Custom Boxes
  • Software Boxes
  • Display Boxes
  • Retail Product / Toy Boxes

Tall Digipak Set, Slipcase Box, 3 volumes 10 Inch Digipak each with three discs and a perfect bound manual:
multidisc box set slipcase notebook
multivolume disc set boxmultivolume box set cd dvd disc

Portfolio type boxes with discs held in a shelf inside, velcro tab closure:
multdisc cd dvd box set portfolio velcro tabmultidisc box sets cd dvd disc 4 to 5 discsportfolio box set multidisc set shelf inside velcro tabmultidisc box set portfolio art card set discs

Custom Box set made to look like a cassette, holds a USB thumb drive:
custom box usb drive cassette

Software Boxes, various sizes:
large software box 4pp front cover flap full color printinglarge software box inner shelf for discssoftware boxes cd dvd large retail packaging setsoftware box with front flap 4pp retail disc packaging multidisc set box 12 disc setmultidisc set 12 cd box setmultidisc box set 4 disc paper window inexpensiveinexpensive cd box set paper windows disccd software box set jewel casecd box set jewel case shelfTall software box set jewelcasecd software box 7 inch sevenSoftware box set 7 inch slim jewelcasecd software box 7 inch tall jewel case

Retail Toy and Disc Box, made for a yo-yo with a cut out window:
retail Box toy and disc set window yo-yoretail box toy disc video instruction manual

Disc Display Box:
disc display box cd dvd 2 tier shelvesDisplay box cd dvd disc unprinted two tier

Welcome Kit Custom Box, hub for disc, room for other items to be hand inserted:
church product box packagingchurch welcome kit box packaging foam hub cd

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Video Panel Boxes

Video Panel Boxes have a LCD screen in the lid.

  • Screen sizes 2.4" to 10"
  • Box wrap can be 4C printed / laminated, fabric wrapped, or leather material
  • Inner compartments made for the items the box will be holding (keys, book, perfume, etc)
  • Video preloaded and USB cable provided for customizing video
  • Boxes can be hinged or two piece

    Examples of Video Screen Boxes, LCD Monitors in Box Lid

video gift box lcd panel monitor lid 7 inch screen foam wellvideo box lcd monitor in lid hold book 7 inch screenvideo gift box deluxe packaging promotional item retailvideo panel box leather wrapped deluxe box set packagingleather wrapped video gift box screen panel lid boxesleather wrapped video box screen packaging

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