Multidisc Jacket Sets - CD DVD Discs, Vinyl, and Video Panel Jackets

Types & Features of Box Sets

Common Sizes:

  • CD Sized Jackets - 5 Inch Height
  • DVD Sized Jackets - 7 Inch Height or Width
  • Taller Jackets - 9 Inch to 12 Inch
  • Vinyl Covers / Jackets - 12 inch Height

Construction / Materials:

  • 15/16pt Paper Stock up to 21pt thickness, optional gluing for extra thickness
  • Choice of white coated paper, uncoated matte paper, fiberboard
  • All of our paper stocks contain recycled content 50% pcw or more, higher recycled content available
  • Printing PMS or CMYK Soy Inks

Ways to Hold the Disc, Plastic Free Packaging:

  • Pockets - Thumbholes, Curved, Wide, Straight, Tube, many many dies available
  • Foam Hubs, Cork Hubs
  • Swinging Sleeves - printed or solid material unprinted
    Can hold multiple discs per sleeve
  • Glued on Sleeves - printed or solid material
  • Fold out sleeves and Riveted Wallets
  • Recycled Paper Trays with Cork Hub
  • Foam Trays -perfect for adding USB

Add on's / Modifications to Multidisc jacket Sets:

  • Add a slipcase to your multivolume set
  • Add a box to bundle them together
  • Add a bellyband to bundle them together
  • Add inner pages, perfect bound or stapled
  • Add a spiral bound notebook, manual or companion book
  • Add business cards or stickers
  • Add printed watercolor art cards
  • Add a kraft paper wrap across the inside
  • Add magnets or velcro tabs
  • Add die cuts, embossing, foil stamping, spot gloss, embossing

Examples of Multidisc Jacket Sets:

tall multidisc jacket 4 disc manuals slipcase 9 inch heightmultidisc jacket set slipcase multi volumes foam hub literature brochuresdouble disc jacket set LP style outward facing pockets multidisc jacketmultidisc jacket set box collection chipboard rigid
multidisc cd dvd jacket oversized swinging sleeve 2 disc set 4 disc multidisc jacket 3 disc set 6pp jacket 3 pocketsmultidisc portfolio box multi disc set 5 cds dvdsmultidisc jacket wallet set riveted 12 to 24 discs cd dvd
multidisc slipcase set 4 disc jackets cd dvdmultidisc jacket slipcase set 8 to 24 discs cd dvd 2pp jackets slipcase boxmultidisc box set 2pp jackets 12 to 24 disc setmultidisc box jacket set 5 disc set 4pp matte uncoated jackets linen box set

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Riveted Wallets - Great solutions 12 - 24 discs

Riveted Multidisc Jacket Wallets - 12 to 24 Discs in even increments
Rivets to hold wallet together

multidisc wallets 12 to 24 disc set riveted setmultidisc jacket wallets 12 to 24 discsriveted multidisc wallet set 12 to 24 disc set cd dvdriveted multidisc jacket set 12 to 24 discsriveted multidisc jacket set cd dvd 12 24 discs wallet setmultidisc riveted wallet 12 24 cd dvd disc set

Multi Volume Jackets in Slipcase Sets - 5 Inch Height

Multi Volume Jackets / Multidisc Slipcase Sets
Collection of 4 to 24 or more cd dvd discs
Individual Jackets 2pp, 4pp, or Custom. Usually Printed 4C, PMS inks.

multi volume jacket slipcase set 4 to 24 discs Multidisc multi volume jacket slipcase setmultidisc slipcase set multi volume jacketsmulti volume jackets multidisc slipcase setsmultidisc slipcase set multi volume jacketsmultidisc set 8 to 24 cd dvd discsmultidisc set jackets multi volume slipcase set 8 discs to 24 cd dvdmultidisc slipcase set individual jackets multi volumes cd dvd disc 8 to 24multidisc collection jackets slipcase setmultidisc collection jackets cd dvd disc 8

Jackets in Chipboard Box Sets with Chipboard Core (Rigid) - CD DVD and Vinyl

Multidisc Box Sets / Multi Volume Jackets in Rigid Chipboard Boxes
Wrapped in 4C Printed Paper or Fabric (Linen, Hemp, etc) or Vinyl Leather
Collection of 4 to 24 or more discs. Boxes make it easy to add additional items such as stickers, posters, booklets, photos or cards.
Jackets 2pp, 4pp, or Custom. Usually Printed 4C, PMS or unprinted vellum sleeves or paper sleeves also available.
multidisc box set multi volume jackets in rigid chipboard boxesmultidisc box set vellum sleeve cd dvd set
multidic cd dvd jacket set in box rigid chipboardmultidisc cd dvd set jackets multi volume colection in boxmultidisc box set cd dvd jacket collectionmultidisc cd dvd collection box set jacket sleeves removable top lidmultidisc collection box set cd dvd jackets rigid box setlinen box set multidisc collection matte jacketsmultidisc box set collection linen wrap matte jackets art cardsmultidisc box collections cd dvd disc vinylvinyl disc collection box sets linen wrappedvinyl collection multidisc box sets linen fabricmatching multidisc set vinyl record set linen wrapvinyl record set box art cards linen fabric boxes

Multidisc Sets in Portfolios & Boxes - Paper stock

Multidisc Portfolio Box Sets
Typically 5 - 12 Discs
Can include other items like Art Cards
multidisc set portfolio box setmultidisc portfolio art cards 5 discmultidisc portfolio box 5 disc cd setmultidisc set box portfolio setmultidisc 5 cd set box inner shelf velcro art cardsmultidisc set portfolio box 5 cd dvd discscd dvd multidisc set box portfolio inner shelfmultidisc box packaging velcro tab inner shelfdisc box set packaging 4 to 5 discsart card portfolio multidisc setart cards multi disc cd dvd setcd portfolio box set multidiscmultidisc set box 6 disc set cd dvdmultidisc cd dvd set portfolio box 6 discsportfolio box set multidisc 6 discs cd dvdmultidisc portfolio box sets velcro tab closuremultidisc box set cd dvd discsmultidisc cd box set cd box set multidisc paper windows

Double Disc Jackets - 5 Inch Height "CD Jackets"

Double Disc Jackets - 2 CDs
5 Inch Height
LPs, 4pp Jackets, 6pp Jackets, 8pp Jackets
double disc jackets 2 cds double disc cd jacket thumbhole pockets insert bookletdouble disc cd jacket thumbhole close updouble cd LP jacketdouble cd LP album 2 disc setdouble disc jacket LP fiberboarddouble disc LP jacket 2 cds fiberboard paperdouble disc jacket 2 cd set packaging fiberboard paperFiberboard LP double disc cd jacket packagingfiberboard jacket double disc LPdouble disc LP fiberboard jacket 2 cdsfiberboard LP double cd jacketswinging sleeve cd jacket multidisc sleeve cd jacket softbound bookdouble cd jacket walletdouble cd wallet
double disc cd jacket two foam hubs die cut pocketsdouble disc jacket 2CD set die cut pocketsdouble disc cd jacket die cut pocketsdouble cd jacket die cut pockets custom packaging
multidisc set 4 CD jacketmultidisc jacket 8pp 4 cd dvd disc setmultidisc jacket 8 cd set pacakgingmultidisc jacket 4 disc setmultidisc jacket 3 disc set cd dvd packagingmultidisc jacket 3 cd set walletmultidisc jacket trifold 3 cd dvd setTrifold jacket 3 cd dvd disc set walletdouble disc jacket bifold walletwide two disc jacket cd dvd discwide jacket 2 cd set walletTrifold jacket 3 cd set walletmultidisc jacket 3 cd set walletmultidisc jacket 3 cd setmultidisc jacket 2 dvd set trifold packaging

Multidisc Jackets, > 5 Inch, less than 7 inch

Oversized CD Jacket Albums
Swinging Sleeve Holding 1 - 2 discs per sleeve
Oversized cd album swinging sleeve multidiscCD Album oversized foil stamping 2 cd setmultidisc cd album swinging sleeves inner pages

Tall Multidisc Jackets

Tall MultiDisc Jackets, 9 Inch - 12 Inch
multidisc jacket 4 dvds disc set 6pp booklet laminationtall multidisc jacket cd dvd 4 disc set 6pp booklet laminatedmultidisc set 4 cd dvd discs 6pp tall jacket bookletmultidisc jackets slipcase set 6pp trifold jackets foam hubsmultidisc jacket slipcase set tall trifold jacket volumes notebook multidisc set tall jackets slipcase notebook inserts staggeredslipcase box set multidisc jackets cd dvd discsmultidisc jacket 4 cd dvd booklets his and hersmultidisc set 4 cd dvd discs booklet manualsmultidisc set 6pp tall jacket Christian marriage counselingtall multidisc jacket 4 cd dvd set notebooks his and herstall multidisc 4 cd dvd set jacket notebooks christian marriage counseling mediatall multidisc jacket 3 cd dvd disc set tube pocket inserttall multidisc jacket 3 cd dvd disc settall jacket 2 disc set 10 inch slipcase jacket foam hubs tall multidisc jacket 2 disc set staggered inserts literatureTall jacket 2 disc set foam hubs slipcase 10inch heightmultidisc slipcase set 2 cd dvd set tall 10 inch tubeTube slipcase multidisc jacket set 2 cd dvd discsstaggered inserts literature multidisc jacket setTall 2 disc jacket set foam hubs staggered literature insertstabbed literature multidisc jacket tall 2 disc setmultidisc box set fiberboard slipcase 3 cd dvd discstall jacket 3 cd dvd set multidisc slipcase box set fiberboard

Multidisc jackets - 7 Inch

Tall Multidisc Jackets 7 Inch Height
tall multidisc jacket 4 cd dvd set slipcase vintage lookmultidisc jacket set 4 disc cd dvd booklet slipcasemultidisc slipcase set 4 cd dvd jackettall jacket 2 disc set cd dvdTall 4pp jacket two disc set cd dvdDouble disc tall jacket cd dvd setTall 4pp double disc jacket cd dvd set


Cross Shaped Jackets

Multidisc Cross Shaped Jackets - 2 to 8 Discs
multidisc cross shaped jacket 4 disc set cd dvd setcross shaped jacket multidisc 4 cd dvd setcross shaped jacket multidisc set 4 or 5 cd dvd discsmultidisc set packaging cross shaped jacket 4 to 5 discsmultidisc set cross shaped jacket 4 disc setmultidisc jacket 4 cd dvd discs cross shape

Video Panel Jackets

Video Panel Jackets / Presentation Folders
LCD Monitor Screen 2.4 - 10 Inch Size
Customizable Video, comes with USB Cable

video panel jacket screen kiosk lobby stand Video panel jacket screen panel programmable buttons usb uploadvideo jacket folder screen in panelvideo presentation folder screen panel jacket

Retro Vintage Multidisc and Vinyl Collection Sets

Vintage Retro Style Packaging
Multidisc / Multi Vinyl Record Sets- Books with sleeves, Double LP Chipboard Stock, Blue Note Albums, Disc / Vinyl Collections

vintage record album sets book format sleevesmulti record album set vinyl collection bookmulti record set album vinyl discsrecord album set vintage sleeves chipboard albumvintage record album set vinyl collection sleevesVinyl set book record sleevesdouble vinyl LP set 12 inch retro style packagingvinyl set record cd cassette usb book foam insertmultidisc cd dvd set 12 inch vinyl retro design packagingretro disc set 12 inch book packaging vinyl discs foamdouble disc set 12 inch vinyl retro packagingmultidisc retro vintage set book cd dvd vinyl foam insertmultidisc vinyl book cd dvd discs foam insertdouble LP album cd vinyl chipboardvintage LP set double disc packagingretro LP packaging disc set vinyl albumvintage retro LP set packagingBlue Note LP Packaging multidisc LP setDouble LP Set Blue Note