Special Effects – Die Cuts on Custom Packaging, Die Cut Shapes

Special Effects – Die Cuts on Custom Packaging, Die Cut Shapes

CUSTOM DIE CUTS  for  Cut Outs & DIE CUT  Packaging Shapes
Dies are used to make packaging. A frame is created with precision cutting points so the package can be mass produced. A die can be used to create a unique cut-out shape, such as lettering, holes, or windows.
Or a custom shape can be made, such as the Letter C, or a Triangle. Metal blades are used for more intricate designs.

  • Lettering, Shapes, Windows or Holes
    • Showcase booklets, spot gloss, images
  • Unique pockets
    • Guitar cutout
  • Unique shaped packaging, like a curved slipcase or jacket
  • Can hold retail items
    • Toys, USBs, Coins


Special Effects printing foil stamping, embossing, spot gloss - Custom Packaging Media ManufacturingView products
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Foil stamping red color on cd digipakView products
Spot Gloss Ink Printing spot uv with Matte Lamination Special Printing Effects custom packagingView products
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DIE CUTS – Die Cut Custom Packaging , Unique Dies, Die-Cut Shapes
Dies are made for every package that has a unique cut. It helps the machine know where to cut and be able to cut the pattern consistently.  Because we have so many custom packages we actually have an incredible library of dies, but we still make them all the time.  Guess our clients are creative 🙂

Here is what a die looks like:

Die Cut knife outlines the shape so the packaging can be cut consistently Die Cuts are made using a knife mold to consistently cut out the unique shape

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