Slipcase Box Sets

Slipcase Box Sets

SLIPCASE BOX SETS are made by adding a slipcase to any type of packaging. You can used them to dress up a title or to bundle multiple volumes together in a multidisc set. Generally slipcases are made of art card paper stock and are collapsible. They are well suited for special effects such as die cuts, foil, or spot gloss.


See product options in DESCRIPTION below.

Choices to make:

  • Qty
  • Dimensions or the type of packaging it will be going over (i.e, two dvd digipaks, or five cd jackets)
  • Paper Stock / Thickness
  • Single walled or double wall construction
  • Option for lamination (matte or glossy)
  • Special printing effects
  • Proofing
  • Shipping

Min order 300 units with cd/dvd media, 500 without.

Popular: cd, dvd, vinyl, books

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