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Common Slipcase Heights:

Slipcase Construction / Materials:

  • Made single wall or double walled to increase thickness and visible printing area
  • Typical paper stock is 15/16 pt - 21pt.
  • Lamination helps the thickness as well.
  • With thumbnotch, or without notch
  • Tube style or one wall open / box style
  • Slipcases are generally collapsible and can fold flat

Die Cut Shapes & Cut Out Windows are fun features on slipcases, Die Cut Slipcases

multidisc slipcasesmultidisc slipcase set dvd cases 5 fiveslipcase set gold foil embossing spot gloss debossing laminationmultidisc slipcase set tall digipak 6pp multidisc slipcase sets digipak collection 6 cds discsmultidisc slipcase sets tall dvd digipak setmultidisc slipcases 8 disc set very tall 10 inch heightmultidisc slipcase die cut lettering spot gloss
slipcase die cut windowSlipcase set die cut window cut outslipcase sets tall digipak slipcasesmultidisc slipcase sets tall digipak 4disc die cut slipcases

Click on photo above to see larger version, or check out the many larger versions below.


Slipcases 5 Inch Height / CD Height

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Slipcases 7 Inch Height / DVD Height

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Slipcases 10Inch Height / Very Tall or Mega Tall

slipcase multidisc very tall 10inch 8 disc set bookmultidisc slipcase set Tall slipcase multidisc two disc dvd set staggered literature foam hubsSlipcase set tall 9 inch height double disc jacket foam hubs multi disc set multidisc slipcases set 10 inch height 4 dvd discs die cut window 6pp megatall digipakdie cut multidisc slipcase set 4 disc dvd cd digipak 6pp 10 inch height die cut window and shapeslipcase set multidisc 6 disc set 8pp digipak tall 10 inch heighttall slipcase multidisc set packaging slipcase 10 inch height multdisc setmultidisc slipcase set 10 inch megatall very tall 4 disc set3cd slipcase set tube style 3 disc set foam panel 4pp tall digipak 10 inch multidisc tall slipcase 10 inch height multi disc set multidisc 3 disc set cd dvd 4pp tall digipak 3 trays foam panel slipcase set 3 disc tall digipak 10 inch height multidisc multidisc set slipccase tall digipak 8pp 8 trays tube style slip casetall slipcase set 8 disc cd dvd digipakslipcase set height 10 inch digipak set multidisc multidisc 8 cd dvd disc set 8pp digipak 8 trays slipcase


Die Cut Slipcases and Special Printing FX (foil stamping, spot gloss, embossing, debossing, lamination)

slipcase die cut lettering spot gloss matte laminationdie cut slipcase cd lettering cut out spot gloss matte lamination insideslipcase die cut hole debossing matte lamination dvd heightdvd slipcase et die cut holes shapes window belly band covergold foil stamping spot uv gloss printing slipcase foilingspot uv gloss slipcase matte laminationslipcase set tall gold foiling spot gloss embossed debossed disc digipak and stationary cardsslipcase gold foil stamping spot gloss embossing debossing matte laminationslipcase set silver foil stamping foilingslipcase fiberboard paper brown color unbleachedslipcase cd window die cut shape slipcase die cut circle shape window spot uv gloss matte laminationdie cut window round slipcase set tallslipcase spot gloss printing cd height jackettall slipcase spot uv gloss print matte lamination pms inks