Custom USB Packaging

USB Packaging is generally made around the USB drive and custom cut to fit it. Foam panels or cardboard shelves can be used to create a panel to hold the USB.

Other options for USB sets include discs (cd / dvd ) books, manuals, notebooks, or vinyl, cassettes, and posters.

USB media options include plastic models, metal models, leather models, pens, or custom die shapes. We can also do memory cards.

Deluxe Boxes
Box Sets with Discs, Books, Vinyl, Posters, Cassettes
Custom Cut Foam Trays / Cardboard Wells

usb vinyl book set 12inch hardbound book chipboard albumusb box set black matte metallic inkcustom usb box set printed packaging foam wwellcustom usb box set packagingusb disc box set printed packaging gold foilusb book box set printed packaging perfect bound book foam panel custom cut for donglecustom usb box set perfect bound bookcustom foam jacket packaging cut for disc and dongle usb digipak foam tray dongles disc bookletdigipak usb foam tray packaging dongle disccustom usb jacket box cassette retro lookcustom cd jacket swinging sleeve LP style inner pages

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USB Boxes can be made in any size - 5 inch, 6 inch, etc. Usually a foam tray is custom made to hold the drive
deluxe usb box printed packaging metallic inkdeluxe usb box packaging printed metallic ink foam well panelusb box packaging printed usb printed box packaging

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USB Boxes can hold the drive as well as a disc (cd / dvd). Common options are a foam hub on the inside of the box, but we can also do glued on sleeves or fold out sleeves.

usb box set key usb disc foam hub chipboard box hingedusb box packaging rigid chipboard 5 inch hinged cardboard shelf disc foam hubusb key shaped packaging cd dvd disc box setcustom usb box packaging printed gold foil stamping

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USB Boxes can be made to hold the dongle along with a booklet or perfect bound book.
Custom sizes are not a problem.

usb box set with book deepdeep usb box dongle and book foam wellusb box set with thick perfect bound book manual notebookusb box packaging deep foam well notebook

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USB Jackets are made with with a foam tray or a cardboard shelf. Foam trays can also be made to discs. The shape of the foam cut out is completely customizable.
custom usb jacket disc foam tray packagingcustom foam tray disc dvd jacket tallcustom usb packaging jacket cardboard shelf cut custom usb jacket tall foam tray

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Vinyl sets with discs, USBs, books, posters and even cassettes have made quite an appearance on the market. We can include any and all of these items using a custom cut foam panel to hold the items.
usb vinyl book cassette poster 12inch hardbound bookVinyl book set disc usb cassette postercustom usb jacket cassette designvinyl set disc usb cassette book collection linen wrapped

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USB Models come in many shapes and sizes. Common ways for us to categorize them are by plastic casing, metal, leather, or a pen type of usb. Metal USBs are usually engraved while plastic models are silkscreened 2-3C. .
leather usb model black key ringusb model plastic metal usb media metal yellow or plastic modelsusb pen model

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