Deluxe Box Sets

Box Sets can be made for cds, dvds, USBs, vinyl records, video panels, books and /or retail items. They can be made any dimension, and either hinged or two pieces. Inside the boxes can be foam, dividers, lining, printing, or left unprinted. The outside of the boxes can be printed or wrapped with a fabric or material. Boxes can also be made with built in video panels!


Box Set Photos:
CD, DVD, USB, Video Panel, Books, and Vinyl Records
Fabric, Leather, or Printed

deluxe box set cd dvd usb 5inch 2 piece oversized box set cd and book classroom education setusb box set bookdeluxe box set multi disc cd bookdeluxe fabric box cd vinyl set linen  foilingdeluxe box set vellum sleeves 5 cds dvds collection chipboard coremultidisc slipcase die cut lettering spot glossbox set usb cd 5 inch chipboard
leather vinyl box set debossed bellyband multidisc set collection of digipaksleather deluxe box set video lcd panel in liddeluxe box set cd jacket collection foam hubdeluxe usb box set packaging chipboard core lamination

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CD Boxes are generally 5 x5 Inch to work well with a typical cd height packaging, but also vary to accommodate books or cards. We can line the box with a foam panel, use a foam hub to hold a disc, or a tray, or the discs be put in sleeves (vellum, paper, 2pp jackets etc). One the great things about boxes is that it allows you to vary the contents if you want to.

deluxe box sets cd dvd packagingmultidisc sets packaging chipboard rigid stock top loadingbox sets cd dvd 5 inch chipboard rigid hingedmultidisc sets slipcase packaging die cut lettering

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Box Sets can be made in any dimension. Some popular sizes have been 8x8 Inch to accommodate multiple discs and a book, or 9x12 Inch for sets with notebooks or educational material, or 12x12 Inch for vinyl collections.

deluxe cd box set 2 disc fold out sleeve 8 x 8 inch book setoversized box set vinyl size 12 inch multidisc 2 cd set foam paneldeluxe box set vinyl LP record 12 inch linen wrap fabric multi record setoversized box set fold out sleeves discs multidisccd dvd book classroom materials

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Chipboard products can be wrapped with a cloth fabric like linen or hemp, or a vinyl / leather material. These types of materials lend themselves to foil stamping rather than 4C printing.
deluxe box sets cd vd packaging leather vinyl wrap multidisc setdeluxe box sets leather vinyl material wrap debossing cd sizeleather deluxe box set video panel lid lcd monitordeluxe box sets linen wrapped cd vinyl sets

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USB boxes hold a usb drive and any other items you'd like in the box set. Foam wells / trays can be custom cut to perfectly hold the dongle. Alternately, we can use a cardboard shelf for the usb.
multidisc set packaging  book dvd digi book 2 disc double swinging sleevedeluxe box set usb cd dvd packaging foam well
deluxe usb box packaging multidisc sets packaging book double disc sleeve pockets

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Video Boxes have a built in LCD screen monitor and usually hold some type of retail items (car keys, manuals, perfume, etc). Video is customizable and the boxes come with a usb cable for upload. Video screen size, memory, and programmable buttons can be customized, as well as the packaging.

Video box set 7inch monitor lcd paneldeluxe video box set monitor panel in lid foam inserts
video gift box leather lcd panel screen in lidleather video box lcd monitor panel in lid

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We can also make lightweight (15/16pt +) paper, non-rigid boxes. These types of boxes are usually collapsible.

retro LP CD vinyl discusb box packaging cassette look foam well for thumb drivemultidisc set packaging multi volume digipakssoftware box paper stock 16pt shelf for disc

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