Retro LP CDs & Vintage Vinyl Sets

Retro style LPS are in!
We can manufacture album covers or box sets exactly the same way that the original vintage versions were made - with a chipboard core and bookbinding. These are nice, thick, rigid LPs (...not a typical cd jacket).

For cds / discs, LPs are smaller in size than the original albums of course. A new trend is to make cd sets in the original vinyl record album size.

Another new trend we're seeing, is the addition of things like cassettes. We don't make vinyl or cassettes but we can create the packaging for you, along with cds, usbs, and books.


LP Set Photos:
CD LPs, Vinyl Sets, Books, Boxes, Collections
Chipboard Core - Rigid Thick Board
Wrapped with Fabric, Leather, or Printed

retro LP double record vinyl setretro vintage cd jacket scrapbook stylecd LP vinyl record size 12 inch book foam insertretro linen cd book fabric wrap slipcase coverrecord set vinyl book 12 inch height swinging sleevesvinyl set record album retro vintage design packagingvintage retro cd lp record packaging CD LP packaging vintage retroretro LP packaging chipboard core rigid albumretro LP photo CD packaging chipboard core rigid stock album cd LP album vintage retro styleretro LP packaging cd vinyl disc

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CD LPs are usually 5 x 5 inch approximately, and made of a chipboard core material, wrapped with either a 4C printed paper, or wrapped with a material like linen or hemp.The inside has a paper wrap glued across it, so there are no inner spines like with jackets. CD LPs are rigid thick stock like authentic, retro albums. Inner sleeves and booklets are common add ons.

retro lp cd vinyl vintage sets packagingcd retro LP  vintage album chipboard core CD retro LP packaging hardbound spine thickness hard cover board materialretro cd LP vintage album packaging inner wrap sleeve book binding blue note

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Vinyl sized LPs and Record Set Collections can be madewith swining sleeves, traditional LP style, or with foam panels to hold items like caseestes, discs, posters, and books.
retro LP vinyl record set book album multi record packaging discsoversized box set vinyl size 12 inch multidisc 2 cd set foam panelvinyl sized book hardbound foam insert panel cd dvd disc cassette usb vinyl record collection vinyl vintage set double album set packaging 12 inch 4pp book LP retro

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For fabric coverings, we can do a linen or hemp cloth over the LP. These can be silkscreened 1C or foil stamped. As an alternate material, we can also do vinyl types of material and leather.
deluxe box sets cd vd packaging leather vinyl wrap multidisc setcloseup linen vintage  book spineretro CD LP vintage sets designdeluxe box sets linen wrapped cd vinyl sets

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Most clients really like the chipboard LPs, but they are more expensive than a lighterweight jacket. We have quite a number of LP style jackets that you can still have fun with....

vintage antique cd packaging scrapbook CD LP setretro LP CD vinyl Disc set packagingcd lp jacket inside printing behind pocketretro lp set double cd disc fiberboard full color art printing

Check out our Retro LP & Vintage Vinyl Sets Photo Gallery!