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Common Book Heights: CD, DVD and Vinyl:

  • 5x5 Inch CD Books
  • 7x5 Inch DVD Books (DVD DigiBook)
  • 12 Inch Vinyl Books
  • Custom dimensions are not a problem at all. Plastic trays are limited to the pre-fab sizes they are made in, but sleeves, pockets and hubs all work well with custom sizes.)

Hardbound Book Construction / Materials:

Lighter weight CD LPs

  • CD LPs made with lighter chipboard 390gsm, outward facing pockets or glued on sleeves.
  • Book Binding technique with 120gsm 4C printed and laminated wrap or fabric / material on outside, 4C or lined paper across inside.

Video Panels

  • An up and coming market! Video Books with video lcd panels built into the book.

HardCover CD DVD Vinyl Book Photos

cd dvd hardbound books 5 x 7 inch tray sideways widecd hardbound book spine double disc hubsdeluxe box set multi disc cd booklinen cd book fabric wrap slipcase coverrecord set vinyl book 12 inch height swinging sleevesdvd hardbound books digibook tall hardcoverdvd book swinging sleeve cloth bindingcd book hardbound perfect binding inner pages gold foil stampingcd hardbound books tray perfect bound bookletcd hardbound books red foil stampingcd dvd hardbound book swinging sleeve green linencd hardbound book gold foiling foil stamping

Click on photo above to see larger version, or check out the many larger versions below.


CD Books / 5 Inch Height with Trays -- see also CD Books with Trays Product Page

cd dvd hardbound books photos cd hardbound book tray left panel perfect bound inner pages right panelcd dvd hardbound book cd book hardbound spine view thicknesscd dvd hardbound books silver foilcd book tray left paenl perfect bound book right panelcd book hardbound chipboard core 4C wrap laminatedhardbound cd book red foil tray perfect bound inner pagescd hardbound book packaging red foil stampingcd book hardbound disc tray left panel perfect bound iiner pages right panelcd hardbound books thick spine foil stamping packagingcd book packaging wide spine perfect bound booklet inner pages foil stampingcd dvd hardbound book booklet left panel disc tray right panelcd dvd book hardbound tray right side slipcase over linenlinen cd book hardbound 1C silkscreening slipcase 4C covercd dvd books hardbound spine printingcd book photo inner pages left tray right side hardbound cd dvd book cd book close up inner spine book binding techniquecd dvd hardbound book perfect bound inner pages traycd book hardbound inner pagesgold foil stamping cd book cd hardbound book gold foilingcd dvd hardbound books tray left inner pages perfect binding rightcd book close up spine perfect bound book trayhardbound cd book gold foil stampingcd book close up book binding inner wrapcd book spine gold foil stamping vintage look cd hardbound books vintage look cream inner pageshardbound cd book chipboard core gold foil vintage look cd book hardcover packagingcloseup cd book binding spinehardbound cd book tray inner pages cd book hardbound traycd book hardbound spine inner pages black kraft papercd book hardbound spine inner pages black kraft paper


CD Books / 5 Inch Height with Glued on Sleeves / Pockets -- See also CD Books with Sleeves Product Page

cd book glued on sleevescd book double cd sleeves glued on sleevescd book double disc sleevescd book glued on sleeve top loading black kraft papercd LP book glued on sleeve black kraft paper top loadcd sleeve disc pocket glued on black paper cd book packaging

Books with Swinging Sleeves -- See also CD Books with Sleeves Product Page

dvd hardbound book swinging sleevesdvd swinging sleeve dvd book double disc dvd book double disc sleeve cd book linen gold foil stampingcd book swinging sleevecd book spine gold foil printing cd book linen gold foil printing cd book swinging sleevecd dvd book swinging sleeve cd dvd book swinging sleeve linen wrap cd dvd book inner pages cream vintage color paper stockswinging sleeve cd dvd book packaging

Books with Hubs -- See also CD / DVD Books with Hubs
cd books gold foil stamping cd hardbound books hubs double disc packagingcd book foam hubs double disc packagingcd book foam hub packagingcd book hardbound packaging cd hubs double disccd book closeup spine width wrapping and booklet attachment to spine areacd book spine closeup top viewhardbound cd book closeup spine booklet material wraphardbound cd book two disc set foam hubs inner pages bookletcd dvd hardbound books foam hub 2 disc set2 cd book foam hubs inner pagescd book hard cover 2 cd set foam hubs

Lightweight Chipboard / CD LPs -- See also Retro CD LP Albums Product Page
cd hardbound LP lightweight chipboard spine thicknesscd LP hardbound inner sleeve setcd hardbound LP light chipboard core cd LP hardbound board material core inner wrapCD thick LP board core material inner wrapcd LP spine thicknessCD LP hardbound spine thickness hard cover board materialcd LP spine printing wide thicknessCD LP hardbound thickness closeupCD LP set hardbound chipboard glued on sleeve pocketsCD LP Set 2 disc chip board glued on sleeves pockets 2 cdlightweight cd book LP style inner pages glued sleeve black paper liningretro LP CD Album Cover thick chipboard core packagingRetro cd vintage album packaging thick core material rigidvintage cd LP thick chipboard core material pocket side view thickness

DVD Sized Books / 7x 5 Inch or 5 x 7 Inch

dvd hardbound books tall height wide spine hard coverdvd hardbound books digibook tall inner pagesdvd hardbound books digibook tall dvd book tray inner pages hardboundhardboun dvd book tray inner pages hard coverhardbound dvd book digibook spine thicknessdvd digibook hardbound book packaging tall heighttall dvd book hardbound inner pagesdvd hardbound books hard cover digibook packagingdvd hardbound book tall digibook hard coverDVD Book swinging sleeveDVD hardbound book custom cloth die cut window embossingdvd book digibook die cut window embossed area binding cloth wrap printdvd book double disc set embossed foiling hardboundcustom dvd hardbound book  string tie cloth wrapdouble disc dvd book traydouble disc tray dvd bookdvd book hard covertall dvd book sleevedvd book digibook hardbound tall 6pp 6 panel dvd hardbound book 6pp tall chipboard coredvd book set slipcase cover digibooktall dvd book hardbound digibook traydvd hardbound book tall digibook tray packagingdvd book hardbound hard cover disc packagingwide dvd book hardbound digibook hard cover sideways traywide dvd book hardbound hard cover digibook tray left side sidewaysdvd hardbound book set 4 discs double disc tray dvd book set 4 disc hard cover digibook packaging

Linen Wrapped Books -- See also Special Materials, Linen, Fabric, Hemp Cloth, Leather Vinyl

linen cd book hardbound fabric wrapcd book hardbound slipcase linen fabricslipcase cd book hardbound linen covering linen cd books hardboundlinen cd books silkscreenedlinen wrapped cd books slipcase setlinen wrapped cd dvd books linen cd dvd book setlinen cover book cd dvd set packaging closeup linen book spinelinen book spine closeup showing wrapping fabriccd dvd book hardbound swinging sleeve die cut and sleeve glued on

Vinyl Sized Books / 12 Inch

vinyl sized book hardbound multidisc cd set12 inch hardbound book multidisc set 2 cd dvd foam panel vinyl record sizeoversized book 12 inch vinyl size multi disc collection cds dvds foam insert inner pages large cd book 12 inch height multidisc cd dvd foam insert record setcd book hardbound record set collection 12 inch height vinyl foam panelvintage record set book album record set book album swinging sleevesrecord set book album multi record discs12 inch book vinyl record set sleeves 4 recordsvinyl set book hardbound vinyl 12 inch size multiple sleeves die cut centeroversized book 12 inch vinyl record set collectionvinyl double album set 12 inch 4pp book LPvinyl sized book set collection hardbound foam insert panel cd dvd disc cassette usb vinyl record collection

Video Books - LCD Monitors -- See also Video Books, Boxes. Presentation Folders, Kiosks

video book hardbound lcd monitor screen in panelhardcover video book screen built in panel lcd monitor usb upload

Simulated Book Binding

cd jacket book binding simulatedcd jacket cork hub inner pages kraft paper wrapcork hub cd jacket simulated book bindingcd digipak matte simulated book bindingbook binding simulated cd digipaksimulated book binding cd digipak inner wrap matte uncoated


Soft Cover Books

vintage retro style cd jacket softbound book inner pages swinging sleevesoft cover cd book jacket inner pages vintage style art swinging sleevesoft cover cd book swinging sleeve die cut center hole inner pages bookletsoft cover cd book vintage look inner pages sleeve for discsoft cover cd book swinging sleeve inner pages jacketcd soft cover book inner pages and sleeve swinging retro style

dvd soft cover book softcover dvd book paperbackdvd disc sleeve book dvd paperback book disc sleeve tall dvd softcover book disc sleeve pocket in back cover