Need a little help? No worries.

We are happy to get you started. Please let us know as much as you can about what you’d like to make and we’ll try to give you an idea of the cost. We will need some basics, such as quantity, media type, and packaging type. If you don’t know the terminology, just send us a photo. We will need some idea of budget in order to guide you.

If you already have a spec and know what you want to make, we can help you with a detailed manufacturing quote.

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About the Spec:

Some frequently asked questions & answers

What is a Spec?

Short for specification.
This tells us everything we need to know to quote you accurately. Qty, Media, Packaging (dimensions, materials, printing), Assembly, Proofing, Shipping and very importantly, Budget.

Frequently your graphic designer will provide you with the packaging portion of your spec.

Why do you want to know Budget?

We are happy to help you get started, and part of that process can be giving you a rough estimate so we (= you and us) know if the project is a good fit. If your price range doesn’t fit the product, we’ll try to make suggestions for something that will or let you know that we’re not a good fit.

What’s the Minimum Quantity?

CD/DVD/USB. 300/500 Qty
300 is the min if you are ordering media & packaging, otherwise it is 500 qty. Making 300 is almost the same cost as 500, just fyi.

Can I order less?
Yes, but the price doesn’t go down.

BluRay 500/1000 Qty
Same cost to make 500 as 1000. Licensing fees requirement payment for 1000 units.

LCD Video Screens
With these you actually can order 100 qty…it’s because they are expensive. Super cool. Expensive though. Sorry. But cool as h*eck.

Example Spec

Qty: 500 sets
Book Dimensions: 5×5″
Outer Wrap: 4C with matte lam
Inner Wrap: solid black
Media Types: 1 CD, 1 DVD5
Hold Media: Solid black glued on sleeve/pockets, one on each end panel
Inner Pages: 16pp stapled
Assembly: insertion of cd & shrink wrap
Shipping: standard 5-8 day, one US addr
Special Effects Printing: 3 panels of foil, front/spine/back
Special Notes/Add-ons: Looking for a scrapbook type of feel, ideas for adding “photo corners”?
Target Budget Range: can’t go over $7500, prefer $5k range
Schedule: Release end of summer
Project Phase: we are ready to start designing, need templates