We make media box sets for all kinds of media including vinyl, discs, books, and retail products. These boxes are usually defined by the media size. For example, cd boxes tend to be in the 5×5″ realm. The style or construction of the boxes varies greatly. Media boxes can be one-piece, two-piece, side loading, top loading, small, tall, or oversized, made with a thick rigid core, collapsible, or folding. Below are some of our most requested themes for box sets:

Dimensions of Media Boxes

Media Boxes -Top view of cd box set showing hinge, perfect bound book, 3 discs and jackets metallic ink printing, media box set collection.

Contents of Media Box Sets

  • Vinyl records
  • Discs
  • USBs
  • Books (softcover, hardcover, notebook, manuals)
  • Booklets, Posters, and other printed inserts
  • Download cards
  • Retail products
Linen wrapped box sets blue linen wrap chiboard core rigid box sets vinyl record collection and cd boxed set

Types of Boxes

  • Rigid Boxes = rigid, chipboard (for example, cigar boxes)
  • Folding Product Boxes = specially designed boxes that hold retail products (for example headphones)
  • Artcard Boxes = 310gsm paper stock, collapsible (for example, software boxes)
  • Slipcase Box Sets = bundles individual volumes together (for example, books, digipaks, vinyl LPs)

Rigid Chipboard Boxes

Made with rigid chipboard. These types of boxes are very study and usually are not collapsible. The chipboard can be wrapped with a 4C print, or a special fabric like leather, linen, or fabric paper.

Artcard Boxes

Made with artcard 15/16pt 310gsm or higher. These types of media boxes fold flat (i.e. collapsible). They are often used for software boxes, portfolios, multidisc, and retail products.

Folding Product Boxes

Folding Box Sets - deluxe retail product box, chipboard core wrapped with 4C print, magnetic, interior wells

Folding boxes are constructed to ship flat without the inside product holder. We make these types of boxes for collections with large items inside such as headphones, tshirts, or other types of swag.

Slipcase Box Sets

You’ll find slipcases are very customizable. Clients like them for bundling books, discs, or records in a set, or for dressing up a single title.

Video Screen Boxes

Video Screen Box, media box sets vegan leather wrap, hinged, ribbon under inner compartment

Custom made media box sets with a built in video screen. Your media collection can now play a promotional video such as a concert or event invitation.

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Boxes can be made to hold any type of media or retail item. We manufacture discs and USB, and print books, so anything along that line we can make for you.

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