Pop-Up Pak Jackets

Pop-Up Pak Jackets

POP UP PAK Disc Jackets
Custom 3D disc holder, fully printed, velcro closure, with options for insert cards, invitations, booklets, and mailer strips.

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POP-UP PAK JACKETS are our copyrighted design that allow your disc to be presented in a 3D way! We can can vary the design a little on these, but it takes quite a bit of effort for us to get the adjustments just right.

Choices to make:

  • Qty
  • Media
  • Dimensions (CD/DVD size)
  • Optional booklet & pocket
  • Velcro tab closure
  • Assembly
  • Proofing
  • Shipping

Min order 500 units.

Panels: 4pp + closure panels

Popular:  discs

Add Booklet in a pocket, mailer tear off, or insert like business registration card / invitation

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