Multidisc Digipak Sets

Multidisc Digipak Sets

MULTIDISC DIGIPAKS are a great way to present a set of discs, anything from 2 -12 cds or dvd discs  in a volume and if desired, multiple volumes in a set. Trays are available in 5inch or 7inch sizes, and two can be placed on a panel  if you want to have a Megatall 10inch height (great for retail presence). Custom size foam trays and paper trays also available. We recommend slipcases to go with the sets to help keep it bundled together.

Choices to make:

  • Qty
  • Media
  • Dimensions
  • #Panels
  • Tray type
  • #Trays if multiple discs
  • Booklet & pocket
  • Digipak Printing
  • Special printing effects
  • Special paper stock
  • Slipcase
  • Assembly
  • Proofing
  • Shipping

Min order 300 units with cd/dvd media, 500 without.

CD Sized 5×5″, DVD Sized 5×7″ or 7×5″, MegaTall 10″
Custom size available if using foam tray

Panels: 4pp Digipak is gatefold like a wallet and has two inside panels + 2 outside panels
Other options: 6pp trifold, 8pp, 12pp, cross

Popular: cd, dvd, bluray
Possible: usb

Trays: clear (5″, 7″ single or double disc), recycled paper (5″), foam (any size)
MegaTall  10inch height: Uses two 5″ trays on one panel. We can wrap a foam panel with printed paper if there is an odd number of trays.

Booklets: 2pp insert, 4pp -8pp gatefold, 8pp-28pp stapled booklet, 32pp+ perfect bound or saddle stitch booklet, poster
Booklet glued down (recommended for larger booket) or in pocket
Pocket Style: many different dies (slots, curve, diagonal, LP style facing outward, etc. )

4C/4C:  Our recommendation, prints front and reverse side for continuous coverage across inside spine
4C/0C: A good savings option if not needed (frequently chosen with fiberboard paperstock)

Paper Stocks: crisp white, uncoated white, fiberboard
Thickness: 15/16pt (310gsm), 18pt, 21p, 28pt
Special Paper Stocks

Fx: Foil Stamping, Embossing, Debossing, Spot UV Gloss
Finishes: Matte Lamination, Gloss Lamination
Die Cuts: Custom shapes and cut outs
Special Printing Effects

Slipcase: side loading or tube, single or double wall

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