Inner Wrap – Kraft Paper

Inner Wrap – Kraft Paper

Rigid chipboard items, such as hardcover books and boxes, can have an inside wrap made of kraft paper. Inner wraps go across the inside of the product and wrap around the rigid chipboard. Kraft paper is a tan colored paper and can be used for inner wraps.

  • Vintage or organic look
  • Printing is available 1C  black or full color 4C.
    • Color printing on kraft requires special white ink underneath for “crisp” colors, otherwise they are somewhat muted as the base paper color is not white.
  • Special Effects Printing are available inside but very uncommon.
  • Considerations:
    • A kraft color inner wrap can look scrap-booky or vintage depending on how you use it.
    • A parchment paper look can either be created with white paper or a kraft tan base.
    • A kraft wrap pairs well with a cork hub or paper tray.
    • Kraft paper can also be used to create inner sleeves for vinyl or cds.

Alternate inside wrapping options include a full color printed wrap and black material.

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