Hardcover Books Portfolio, Photos to Inspire!

Hardcover Books Portfolio, Photos to Inspire!

Browse our Hardcover Books Portfolio with lots of beautiful photos of hardcover books we’ve manufactured over the years. We’ve assembled some of our favorite titles to show you what our various hardcover book manufacturing capabilities are. We hope you find them inspiring!

hardcover books cd dvd custom size rigid chipboard core

Hardcover Books
CD, DVD, Vinyl, and Custom Size Books

Below you’ll find a definition of hardcover books, along with an explanation of the components and many photos of hardcover books to illustrate the various possibilities. Please enjoy!

Hardcover Book Definition

From Merriam-Webster:
The meaning of HARDCOVER is having rigid boards on the sides covered in cloth or paper.

Hardcover Books have a rigid board inside (i.e., chipboard core) and are covered in cloth (i.e., linen, fabric paper) or paper (i.e., 4C print). We have a few variations on this such as leather wraps and media additions, but you get the idea. The book portion of the term would imply inner pages but oddly enough, not all books have inner pages.

Components of Hardcover Books

  • Chipboard core for rigidity
  • Outside wrap
  • Inside wrap
  • Inner pages
  • Media and a way to hold the media
  • Optional special effects printing
  • Optional slipcase

Almost all elements of hardcover books are customizable. You can make the book title exactly what you are envisioning.

Hardcover Books Printing Options

Outer Wrap

The outside wrap of a hardcover book is traditionally a full color 4C print. Sometimes clients add special effects to the 4C or use a special paper.

Hardcover Book CD Size Gold Foil Goddess Title with Perfect Bound Inner Pages and Disc Tray
Gold Foil Stamping on Hardcover CD Book
Hardcover book custom 6x8 size landscape horizontal layout Lily Dale Jill tracy
Storybook Size with 4C Wrap
Hardcover books, cd size

Printed Paper Wrap on CD Book

Linen Leather & Fabric

Wraps can be a special material such as linen, leather (vegan), or fabric paper. These materials can have special printing requirements.

Linen CD Book Chipboard Core, full color 4C slipcase
CD Book Linen Wrap, 1C Silkscreen
CD Book with gold foil stamping perfect bound inner pages clear tray
Gold Foil on Leather Wrap
2 disc set dvd book custom packaging creative string tie
Fabric Paper allows for Full Color Print Wrap

Inner Wrap

Inner wraps are usually paper (4C or black matte) but we can do things like a foam panel instead of a wrap.

Inside view of custom sized 6x8 cd hardcover book showing black fly sheet
Black Matte Paper Wrap
Tall DVD Book 5x7 with clear tray
Full Color 4C Wrap DVD Book
Vinyl Book with cds mixed media custom packaging
Foam Panel on Vinyl Book

Inner Pages

The binding of the inner pages is determined mostly by the page count. Booklets under 32pp need to be stapled, but booklet with larger number of pages can be perfect bound or stitched perfect binding.

Stapled booklet inner pages cd hardcover book top view
Stapled Booklet Inner Pages
hardcover cd book foil printing clear tray perfect bound inner pages
Perfect Bound Inner Pages
photos of hardcover books- Top view hardcover 6x8 book showing inner pages 48pp with stitched perfect binding
Stitch Perfect Binding Inner Pages

Disc Trays

Plastic disc trays come in 5″ and 7″ sizes, and now blueray size. If you use a plastic tray to hold a disc, the book size is determined by the tray size. Foam trays are custom made and can be any size.

Hardcover CD Book with clear tray gold printed disc
CD Book with Clear 5 Inch Tray
Tall book with double disc tray front and back panels 4 dvd set multidisc book
Double Disc Trays
Foam Tray
Foam Tray

Swinging Sleeves

Swinging sleeves (aka hanging sleeves) attach to the inner pages and hold a disc or vinyl record. You can have the solid or with a die cut hole, and unprinted or printed.

Vinyl hardcover book with swinging sleeve die cut fiberboard exterior fabric paper linen wrap white foil
Vinyl Book with Fiberboard Swinging Sleeve
Hardcover4 CD Book with printed swinging sleeve die cut center hole inner pages gold foil stamping 4C printing
Hardcover Book Swinging Sleeve
Close up of swinging sleeve die cut center hole oversized custom 2disc cd jacket
Swinging Sleeve Black Matte Paper

Glued on Sleeve Pockets

You can use the end panels to hold the disc or record with a glued on sleeve pocket. Available printed or solid material.

Inside view of custom 6x8 cd book shows fly sheets, inner pages, and disc in 1C printed sleeve pocket glued to back panel
Glued on Sleeve Pocket 1C Print
Disc pocket sleeve glued onto LP, black kraft paper
Glued on Sleeve Pocket Black Matte CD BOOK LITE
LP pages in vinyl book top loading
Glued on Sleeve Pocket 1C Print Vinyl Book

Disc Hubs

Disc hubs can be paced on the front or back panel (or both) and are available in cork, white or black foam.

CD Book with Black Foam Hub
kraft wrap with full color 4C printing and cork hub
Cork Hub
CD Book 2 cd set foam hubs to hold discs multidisc hardcover book
DOUBLE Disc Book with 2 Hubs


Hardcover books are beautiful on their own, but if you want to add a slipcase (maybe for a splash of color or retail info) you can!

Vinyl LP Book spot gloss front and spine
Vinyl Book with Slipcase
Linen CD Book Chipboard Core, full color 4C slipcase
CD Book Linen Wrap, 1C Silkscreen,4C Slipcase

Hardcover Books Portfolio,
Photos of Hardcover Books

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