Classic Linen & Leather Wrapped Packaging

Classic Linen & Leather Wrapped Packaging

Welcome to our Classic Collection of Linen & Leather Wrapped Packaging.

Linen wrapped book or leather wrapped book - cd, dvd, vinyl custom sizes

Leather and Linen Wrapped
Boxes, Books, Albums

You can make almost any chipboard product into a classic, timeless piece by wrapping it in linen or leather. We’ve assembled some of our favorite photos for you into this collection. Please browse, and if you want to consider adding it to your title, let us know!

Linen Wrapped Packaging

Linens are custom ordered. We try to locate the closest color to your needs. They can be silkscreened with a minimal, 1C black artwork. Linen has a very loose knit, so it is important to match the design accordingly because if it is too fine of a design, the ink will not adhere.

Leather Wrapped Packaging

Our leather material is a man made, vegan leather. There’s one catch with the material – you can’t print on it. So we recommend foil stamping, or debossing a design into the material. If you need color, try a OBI strip or bellyband!

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