Jacket Packaging

Jacket Packaging

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CD Jackets
Approximately 5×5″,  holds a CD in a pocket or with a hub, options for booklets, pockets, paper stocks, printing effect, die cuts, multidisc, and slipcase.

Diagonal and Curved pocket on talll dvd jacket
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JACKET PACKAGING  for cds, dvds, multidisc sets, booklet, booklets, inserts and more.

Some categories of jacket packaging:

  • CD Jackets (5″)
    • Japanese LP / 2pp
    • Mailers
  • DVD Jackets (7″)
  • Multidisc Sets (5″, 7″, or  10″)
  • Custom Jackets (unique die size/shape)
    • Pop up Pak Jackets
    • Cross Shaped Packaging

Min order 300 units with cd/dvd media, 500 without.

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