Special Paper Stocks – Recycled Paper & Soy Ink

Special Paper Stocks – Recycled Paper & Soy Ink

OUR RECYCLED PAPER is made with 70-80% post consumer waste (pcw). The EPA defines recycled as having over 50%. We go a little higher in our pcw and find that this is the magic percentage to have. Paper fibers get broken down as they are recycled, and if the pcw is too high (like 100% recycled paper), we find the paper is no longer optimal for crisp art, effects, or holding its structure very well. We can special order if you really want 100%, but we feel this blend is perfect.

SOY INKS are our go to for cmyk printing!



  • Literally, any art
  • Literally, any packaging
  • No limitations – it’s the perfect blend.
  • Clients like Patagonia, TED, and National Geographic have chosen this paper stock.
Fiberboard jacket with 4C print, no white inkView products
Uncoated matte paper stock in cd packaging and booklet shown with recycled paper trayView products

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