Special Effects Printing Portfolio – Foil, Spot Gloss, Emboss

Special Effects Printing Portfolio – Foil, Spot Gloss, Emboss

A collection of our favorite titles using Special Effects Printing such as foil stamping, embossing, debossing, spot UV gloss, spot white, metallic inks and more.

Special Effects printing foil stamping, embossing, spot gloss - Custom Packaging Media Manufacturing

Foil, Spot UV Gloss, Emboss, Deboss,
and Metallic Inks

Welcome to our collection of Special Effects Printing. We’ve assembled some of our favorite titles to show you what our various FX printing looks like.

  • Achieve shiny bling with foil or attract attention with spot gloss ink.
  • Go with a more matte look using a matte lamination, or a soft paper stock, or material.
  • Apply textures with embossing.
  • Use a metallic ink to create a space age silver flood.
  • Pop colors using spot white on non-white paper stocks.
  • Special effects can also be done on discs, not just packaging.

Whatever special printing effect you are after, you know we can do it! Browse our collection and keep track of what features you like and want to use in your title.

Special Effects Printing Options

Foil Stamping

Choose Foil Stamping for eye-catching shiny bling, available in gold, silver, red, green, blue, and a few other choice colors.

Red Foil Stamping on custom digipak
Red Foil Stamping CD Digipak
Silver Foil Stamping on fiberboard digipak
Silver Foil Stamping on Fiberboard
Hardcover Book CD Size Gold Foil Goddess Title with Perfect Bound Inner Pages and Disc Tray
Gold Foil Stamping on Hardcover CD Book
SIlver & Blue Foil on Custom Jacket

Spot UV Gloss

Spot UV gloss with matte lamination contrast gives you striking shiny enhancements. Use over letters or shapes!

Spot UV Ink / Matte DVD Digipak
Spot UV Gloss Ink Matte Lamination Effects on CD Jacket
Spot UV / Matte Lam on Black CD Jacket
Spot Gloss Ink on lettering with matte lamination inside cd slipcase
Spot Gloss on Lettering inside Slipcase
Close up spot gloss ink on dvd digipak packaging
Close Up Profile View Spot Gloss

Embossing / Debossing

Emboss or deboss cardboard stock for a raised or indented, tactical effect to add to your special effects printing.

Embossed raised text on packaging spine
Embossed Text on CD Digipak Spine
Embossed CD Jacket, Silver Metallic Flood
Embossed CD jacket, Silver Metallic Flood
Debossed figure on custom slipcase set
Close-up of Debossed Figure on Slipcase
Debossed Box Leather Wrapped Foil Stamping
Debossed Box Set, Leather Wrapped

Metallic Inks

Choose metallic inks if you want a more matte ink, such as bronze or flat silver. Inks can be spot or flood.

SIlver Metallic Ink Flood on DVD Digipak
Silver Metallic Flood
Metallic COmbined with Spot Gloss on CD Packaging
Metallic Ink Combined with Spot Gloss
Copper Metallic Ink on Multidisc Digipak Packaging
Copper Metallic
Gold metallic ink on packaging
Gold Metallic Ink

Spot UV White

Spot White UV Ink helps make colors more true if you are using a non-traditional paper like brown fiberboard.

Spot White UV Ink on Fiberboard jacket Packaging
Spot White Ink on Fiberboard
Spot White Ink Under Colors on Custom Fiberboard CD Packaging
Spot White Ink Under Colors
Spot White on Fiberboard CD White Flod
Spot White Fiberboard, White Flood Disc
White Flood Whitewash on Digipak Packaging
White Flood Whitewash

Disc Printing Effects

Some special Inks can be used on disc surfaces. We can’t emboss or foil a disc though. Check out our vintage disc!

Spot Matte Ink on Disc Surface for special effects discs
Spot UV Gloss & Matte Ink
Vintage Vinyl Disc using Custom Mask for Artwork
Vintage Disc Created from Art Mask
Fabric Wrapped LPs Vintage Vinyl Disc
Vinyl Look Disc
Disc special effects matte flood spot UV ink 6C printing
6C Printing on Disc, Matte Flood Spot UV
Retro Vinyl Discs Grooved Look
Retro Vinyl Discs

Special Effects Printing Examples

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