Special Effects – Die Cuts

Special Effects – Die Cuts

CUSTOM DIE CUT Shapes & Cut-outs  allow you to create unique packaging in any size or shape you would like, or do fun cut outs like lettering or squiggles.

Custom jacket die cut shapes cutouts spinny wheel poster fiberboard paper stockView products
Custom digipak tall dvd height recycled paper tray die cut slipcase flip book pencil bellybandView products

Special Effects, Die Cuts
Dies are made for every package that has a unique cut. It helps the machine know where to cut and be able to cut the pattern consistently.  Because we have so many custom packages we actually have an incredible library of dies, but we still make them all the time.  Guess our clients are creative 🙂

  • Lettering, Shapes, Windows or Holes
    • Showcase booklets, spot gloss, images
  • Unique pockets
    • Guitar cutout
  • Unique shaped packaging, like a curved slipcase or jacket
  • Can hold retail items
    • Toys, USBs, Coins


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