Slipcases, Printed Product Specification & Options

Slipcases, Printed Product Specification & Options


Used for bundling together multiple discs, books, or vinyl sets or dressing up an individual volume.
Available in cd, dvd, vinyl or custom sizes.

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Slipcases can be used to dress up a title or to bundle multiple volumes together in a multidisc set. Generally these are made of art card paper stock and are collapsible but we can also make rigid slipcase boxes with a chipboard core.  We make slipcases in several styles including side loading and tube. They are well suited for special effects such as die cuts, foil, or spot gloss. We prefer to make slipcase sets with full sets of media that we are manufacturing for you, but if you already have the media/inner packaging made, we might be able to help.

Spec & Custom Options for Slipcases

  • Qty / Min Order
  • Media & Dimensions
  • Style
    • Side Loading & Tube
    • Paper Stock / Thickness
    • Artcard Printing
      • Die Cuts
      • Lamination
    • Chipboard Printing
      • Special Wraps
  • Special Printing Effects
  • Proofing
  • Shipping


  • Minimum order 300 units for cd / dvd sizes, 200 for large vinyl sizes
  • Note – it is not cost effective to make smaller runs because we manufacture these on offset printing presses that have set up and material requirements.


  • Discs
    • CD 5×5″ variations
    • DVD 5×7″ variations
    • BluRay variations
  • Vinyl 12×12″ variations
  • Books 5×8″, 6×9″ or other variations
  • Custom Sizes


We specialize in custom packaging, so it is not hard for us to make a unique shape or size for you. The following are styles that clients frequently ask for:

  • Side Loading Slipcases

    • Shows the volume(s) spine
    • Rigid Boxes (chipboard 24oz rigid material inside)
      Side loading rigid slipcase box set with fabric paper wrap and matte sleeves, 2 slipcases shown front and side view to see thickness
    • Artcard (paper stock 310gsm or thicker, folds flat)
      Slipcase 7inch height 310gsm artcard collapsible dvd set
  • Tube Slipcases

    • Leaves both spines/sides open

Vinyl LP Book spot gloss front and spine

Linen CD Book Chipboard, full color 4C slipcase Linen & Leather Wrapped Packaging Collection



  • Slipcases made of artcard / paper stock
    • 4C Printed
    • Single Wall or Double wall construction
    • Slipcases made of artcard / paper stock
      • 4C Printed
      • Single Wall or Double wall construction
      • Perfect candidate for die cut shapes & lettering
        Die Cuts on slipcase circle cutout and notch
  • Rigid Slipcases made with chipboard
    • 4C Print Wrap & Lamination (Matte or Gloss)
    • Leather Wrap
    • Linen or Fabric Paper Wrap
    • See Linen & Leather for more printing info
      Leather Slipcase Box, rigid slipcases wrapped with vegan leather material


See our portfolio of special printing effects!


  • Artwork
    • All artwork starts with a pdf proof.
    • Optional digital and press proofs are available
  • Size/Dimensions
    • Unprinted mockups are available to check the die before manufacturing


  • Production is about 2-3 weeks depending on current press load and complexity of the title.
  • Shipping is usually UPS 6-8 days,
    • Commercial trucking freight has a longer lead time but has great cost savings if your shipment qualifies for it
      (requires large qty order / weight and shipping doc to receive palette).

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