Special Paper Stocks

Special Paper Stocks

SPECIAL PAPER STOCKS are available for your custom packaging. They can help your title look vintage, retro, soft, unfocused, matte, or crisp. They can be made with

Fiberboard Paper – Made form reclaimed, end-of-chain pulp material that is normally discarded. Unbleached.
Look: Organic, Muted Colors
Fiberboard Paper

Matte Uncoated Paper – Unvarnished paper (no finishing), inks saturate the paper.
Look:  Soft, Unfocused, Matte, Water Color
Matte Uncoated Paper

Recycled Paper – 70-80% Post Consumer Waste, perfect for all applications.
Look: Looks like normal paper
Recycled Paper

Vellum Paper
Vellum Paper

Fiberboard jacket with 4C print, no white inkView products
Uncoated matte paper stock in cd packaging and booklet shown with recycled paper trayView products
Recycled paper eco-friendly high post consumer wasteView products
vellum paper inner sleeveView products
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