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  • *Media (CD, DVD, LP, Video Panel, USB, Packaging only)
  • *Packaging Description / Project Notes
    • —- General Description
    • —- Dimensions (Approx.)
    • —- Materials / Paper Stock (linen, recycled, uncoated, 350gms, 16pt., etc)
    • —- Printing
    • —- Special Effects or Finishes (Foil, spot gloss, matte lamination, etc.)
    • —- For Books, Inner Pages or Booklet #Pages / binding (Ex – 8pp stapled 4C/4C, perfect bound 4pp cover 4C/0C & 44pp inner pages 4C/4C, saddle stitch, spiral notebook, etc.)
    • —- For Inner Sleeves (Ex – black matte, unprinted, 4C printed with die cut center, etc.)
    • —- Slipcases
    • —-Any titles that you liked and want to emulate, or features in multiple titles
    • — Include any important features or style notes (Eco-Friendly, Modern, Vintage, Deluxe, etc.)
  • – Proofing
    (Standard proofing is usually PDF + Test Disc (if you ordered discs) + Digital CMYK Print). You may want to add an Unprinted Mockup, Press Proofs, Linen Prints, or other special items.)
  • – Assembly
    (Standard is Insertion & Shrinkwrap.)
  • – Shipping
    (Standard is 6-12 days, one US addr, but we can do express, split or shipping outside of the US. Let us know the details.)
  • – Schedule Notes
    (Let us know if you are planning for 6 months form now, if you need these for certain date, etc.)
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    (Just a rough idea so that we know how to guide you.)

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