You can make almost any chipboard product into a classic, timeless piece by adding a Linen Wrap or a Leather Wrap. Hardcover books and deluxe boxes are great candidates. Both linen and leather add a classic look to a product, but there are a few restrictions; the product needs to be rigid enough to support the wrapping, and printing isn’t as straightforward as on paper.

The Linen Wrap

Linen fabrics are custom ordered. We try to locate the closest color to your needs. The material can be silkscreened with a minimal, 1C black artwork or foil stamped. The fabric has a very loose knit, so it is important to design the art accordingly.

  • Fabric is custom ordered from a variety of fabric providers.
  • Printing is simple, 1C artwork silkscreened or Foil Stamping
Vinyl sets with cds Blue linen cd box and matching vinyl box set blue material gold foil
Linen Wrapped Box Sets
Linen wrapped book
Linen Wrapped Book, Custom Size
Linen CD Book Chipboard Core, full color 4C slipcase
Linen Wrapped CD Book 1C silkscreen w/ 4C Slipcase
Linen swatch example
Linen Swatch from a Provider

The Leather Wrap

Our leather material is a man-made, vegan leather. Because you can’t print on this type of material, we recommend foil stamping, or debossing a design into the material. If you need color, try a OBI strip or bellyband!

  • Leather (vegan, man made) wrapped books or boxes
  • No printing, but we can do foiling or debossing.
Leather Wrap Box Set, side load with bellyband 4C
Leather Wrap Slipcase Box Set
Video Box holds retail product hinged lid, brace, leather wrapped
Leather Wrapped Box w/ Video
Foil stamped vegan leather box set debossed
Leather Wrap Custom Box, Foil Stamped
Leather Material Swatches

Linen Wrapped LPs

We can also wrap an LP, but the thickness of the core material is usually a less rigid product. For Vinyl Sized Products, check out our Vinyl-Packaging site!

Linen & Leather Wraps
Linen Wrap on LP with Vinyl CD

Examples of Linen Wrap Titles

Examples of Leather Wrap Titles

Products that work with well a Linen Wrap or Leather Wrap:

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