Vinyl Album Packaging, Single Records or Sets

Vinyl Album Packaging, Single Records or Sets


Vinyl album packaging including covers, printed jackets / BlueNote LPs, deluxe limited edition sets, hardcover vinyl books, and mixed media vinyl box sets.  Although we do not manufacture vinyl records, we can make the packaging for them and make any of your extra media such as books, cds, dvds, usbs, or video screens. Popular add-ons include inner sleeves, books, booklets, posters, and stickers.


  • Qty
  • Type: 2pp Cover, 4pp LP BlueNote, Vinyl Book, Box Set
  • Number of records to hold
  • Additional media to include (discs, usb, video screen, etc.)
  • Additional print to include (books, posters, etc.)
  • Inner Sleeve
  • Special printing effects
  • Assembly
  • Proofing
  • Shipping


Min order 200 units


Popular: vinyl (client made /inserted)
Possible: cd, dvd, usb, video screen, download card, books, posters, cassette (client made/inserted)


Covers / LPs
Pocket(s): Outward Facing, Side Loading, Top Loading
Hubs: cork, foam
Glued on Sleeve-Pocket: Vinyl Sized, CD Sized
Foam Inserts: customizable wells to hold anything, great for bulky items, mixed media collections
Vinyl Book for CDs foam insert disc holders
Fold Out / Swinging Sleeve Pages: 4C, 1C, solid color, die cuts
Vinyl hardcover book with swinging sleeve die cut fiberboard exterior fabric paper linen wrap white foil


Booklets / Books: Stapled, Perfect Bound, or Saddle Stitch
Poster: Folding 4C/0C or 4C/4C
Inner Pages: Attached to book or LP
Stickers: Usually 4C, let us know size and placement
OBI Strip: 4C
Slipcase: 4C
Download Card: 1C, 4C, serialized


Printing: Solid black, white or kraft unprinted, 4C printed, vellum
Die Cut: Center hole to show label


Fx: Foil Stamping, Embossing, Debossing, Spot UV Gloss
Finishes: Matte Lamination, Gloss Lamination
Die Cuts: Custom shapes and cut outs
Special Printing Effects

Linen & Leather


Slipcase: side loading or tube, single or double wall

Vinyl LP Book spot gloss front and spine


Vinyl packaging is available quantity 200 units and up with UPS shipping. Larger orders are available with commercial palette freight.


Vinyl book mixed media set with 4 records and 1 cdView products
Bluenote LP thick rigid chipboard core material, CD LP or vinyl LP sizesView products
Rigid Box Set Lennon Title 8x8" 2cd swinging foldout sleeve and perfect bound book in backView products

Vinyl Album Packaging

Below you’ll notice a wide variety of vinyl album packaging titles. Some of our vinyl LP packaging insights are listed below for you such as options for single vinyl records, mixed media sets, popular and up and coming trends.

Single record album vinyl LP packaging options:

  • 2pp or 4pp Albums
  • Side or top loading for the records or booklets
  • Record placed in glued on sleeve pocket
  • LPs can open up with an inner sleeve
  • Foam wells can hold the vinyl or any other media such as cds or books

Packaging for vinyl sets, multiple records /mixed media:

  • Vinyl Box Sets, Collector Sets RecordsSwinging sleeves glued on pocket sleeves to hold the records
  • Side loading slipcase set to hold multiple LPs
  • Vinyl Boxes  to hold multiple LPs and any other media
  • Foam walls to hold mixed media (discs, usbs, books, etc.)

Popular Trends for Vinyl Album Packaging

Between our clients’ creativity and our manufacturing ability, we make some pretty cool titles that you don’t see elsewhere. If you see features on titles we’ve made, or from a vintage title made elsewhere, we can try to incorporate that for you in your manufacturing. For example, one of our clients wanted a title like the Gorillaz hardcover vinyl book. We were able to produce a title for them based on this concept. Of course it helps to have a budget like a well known band to produce a similar title. Below are some of the latest trends we’ve made for vinyl records and mixed media sets.

Linen Vinyl LPs  with Foil Stamping
Swinging Sleeves with Center Hole Cut Outs
Fiberboard Material Swinging Sleeves (Manila Color)
Parchment Vellum Inner Sleeves or Fly Sheets
Vinyl Books (Riveted Hardcover with Swinging Sleeve Pages and Glued on End Panels) (like Gorillaz)
Side Loading Rigid Slipcase Box Sets, Wrapped with Linen
Spot Gloss / Spot Matte
Box Sets, 2 piece top & bottom (like NIN)
Box Sets, Hinged (Pizza Box Style)

Up and Coming Trend – Video Screens

Up and Coming trends might include adding a video screen to a box set. These are LCD screen that we embed in the packaging and program the video player buttons to work with your video. You might have a concert video, for example. As a bonus, the video can be changed out at any time with a usb upload.

For more photos, see our site dedicated to vinyl packaging.


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