Hold Media with Swinging Sleeve

SWINGING SLEEVES – Attach to a book, album, or jacket to hold a disc or vinyl record. A swinging sleeve can be made in a number of ways:

  • CD, DVD, Vinyl Size
    • Can hold disc(s) or vinyl record(s).
    • 1 disc per sleeve, or two disc (one on each side of the sleeve).
    • Can hold other types of media such as photos or download cards.
  • Frequently located in front of, or behind inner pages.
  • Can have die cut center hole and/or top notch cuts.
  • Can be solid color unprinted, or can be 1C or 4C printed.
  • Variation: fold out sleeve made of thick stock to hold multiple discs, frequently used in box sets.

Also called: Fold Out Sleeve, Hanging Sleeve

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