Hold Media with Foam Tray or Insert

Hold Media with Foam Tray or Insert

CUSTOM CUT FOAM TRAYS can be created and placed into boxes, books, or jackets. They can hold anything with a custom cut snug fit (discs, ubs, vinyl, cassettes, etc). Use to combine USB & Discs, or with any mixed media collection.
Leave black or wrap with a 4C print.

USB Box Dolby, custom foam well for usb drive, metallic insideView products
Vinyl book mixed media set with 4 records and 1 cdView products
Staggered literature inserts Multidisc jacket set foam hubs, 7inch height, literature, slipcase setView products

CUSTOM CUT FOAM TRAY – We can create a foam tray panel in any size and form a well in the foam to hold anything (discs, USB, etc.). For USBs, the well is custom cut to match the USB Drive shape. Foam inserts are often left as black foam, but can be wrapped with a 4C print in some instances. Good for mixed media collections, cd books, dvd books, custom sized or vinyl books!

  • Any size
  • Custom cut to hold USBs
  • Custom cut for vinyl, usbs, or books
  • Can be left black or wrapped with 4C print (useful for the odd panel out on megatall multidisc sets)


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