Multidisc Sets & Mixed Media Portfolio, Packaging Solutions

Multidisc Sets & Mixed Media Portfolio, Packaging Solutions

Creative Multidisc Sets, 4 discs, book, megatall digipak, clear trays, slipcase with die cuts

How to creatively package multidisc sets or a mixed media collection? Ask us! Ask us!

We are often asked what is a good way to package multi disc titles, and mixed media sets. There are so many ways…maybe the best way is to show you what we’ve made for some of our other clients. Our collection below includes multidisc and mixed media which may include many other items besides discs, such as vinyl records, usbs, books, posters, and even cassettes. In fact, our retail product video screen boxes can contain anything. Take a look, maybe mix and match some of your favorite features on your upcoming title. You can decide what works best for your needs!

Multidisc Boxes

We make boxes any size and to hold discs as well as other items. Box types include 2 Piece Top & Bottom, Hinged, Vertical Load, Side Load, and more!

Multidisc Box Set, Vertical load, 4C cd jackets
Vertical Load Multidisc Box Set
Rigid Box Set Lennon Title 8x8" 2cd swinging foldout sleeve and perfect bound book in back
Large 8″ Hinged Box, Fold out Sleeves
Box Set 5inch CD Sized, 2 piece
Box Set 5″ CD Sized, 2 Piece

Multidisc Digipaks

A very popular way to sell disc sets is in digipaks. You have lots of options from heights and shapes, to types of trays (clear, paper or foam). Slipcases are a great add-on.

Megatall Digipak 8pp 6disc with booklet and slipcase Spiritwalker Title
MegaTall 6Disc Set w/ Booklet & Slipcase
Multidisc Set Paper tray Digipak, Fiberboard, Die Cut hole
Digipak w/Recycled Paper Trays
Cross Shaped Digipak, 4 Disc Set
Tall Digipak, Diag. Pocket, Slipcase

Video Screen Product Boxes

We make retail product boxes with video screens to deliver a personalized message to the end user. No internet required!

Deluxe box video screen 7inch, lid hinged brace, inside retail compartment
Video Screen 7inch, Felt Inside
Deluxe video box with video screen panel in lid, 5inch screen size, inner compartment ribbon
Video Screen 5inch, Black Leather
Deluxe video box to hold Tesla keys, leather wrapped
Car Keys Product Box
Deluxe video screen box with lcd video panel, leather wrap gold foil, ribbon under compartment tray
Video Box, 5Inch Screen

LP Sets

Old world style LPs for cds & vinyl records made with a chipboard core and wrapped/laminated with full color print. 1 or 2 pockets.

CD LPs Blue Note
Blue Note LPs
CD LP Chipboard core printed wrap laminated outward facing pocket inner sleeve
CD LP, Chipboard Core
Vinyl LP, Double Record
Double Vinyl LP, Top Loading

Multidisc Jackets

Jackets are super versatile and can be custom made for any number of discs, sizes, or shapes. So many ways to hold the media!

Multidisc jacket set foam hubs, 7inch height, literature, slipcase set
Multidisc jJacket Slipcase Set

Swinging Sleeves in a Multdisc CD Jjacket
Tall jacket, curved slots, booklet
Tall Jacket, Curved Slots, 3 Disc

Box Sets

Bundle together multiple volumes with a slipcase, or help contain an otherwise bulky set. with a custom made slipcase. Great for special fx and dies!

Slipcase Set, Die Cut Lettering & Spot Gloss
Slipcase w/Die Cut Lettering, Spot Gloss
TED Spec Slipcase Set, Spot Gloss
Slipcase Box Set, Multiple Disc Jackets
Slipcase Box Set, Die Cut Hole, Debossing
Slipcase Box Set, Die Cut Hole, Debossing

Portfolio & Software Boxes

In addition to chipboard boxes, we can also create paper stock boxes which are lighter, and a a bit less expensive. Great for portfolios or desktop software.

Portfolio Box Built in Shelf, Multidisc
Multidisc Portfolio Box
Retail box yo-yo and disc
Disc with Retail Object Box
Software Boxes, Tall Size
Tall Software Boc

Hardcover Books

Deluxe, Coffee table books made to hold media. You can make them any size (CD, DVD, Vinyl, or Custom) and with a few, to many inner pages.

Multidisc Book, 4 Disc Set
Multidisc Book, 4 Disc DVD Height
DVD Height Multidisc Book Set
DVD Sized Hardcover Book, 2 Disc Set

Vinyl Sets

Although we do not manufacture vinyl, we can make vinyl sized packaging for them. Combine with discs, usbs, cassettes, books, posters or video screens! Vinyl Packaging

Vinyl Box Set & CD Box Set matching Linen Wrap Gold Foil
Vinyl Box Set & CD Box Set, Foil Stamping
Vinyl Mixed Media Collection 12inch Height, Record, Disc, Cassette, Poster
Vinyl 12″ Mixed Media Collection (Record, Disc, Cassette, Poster)
Vinyl Sized Books for CDs
Vinyl Sized Books for CDs

Multidisc Sets & Mixed Media Collections Examples

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