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How long does a project take?
In most cases, projects take about a month.
* 1-2 days Softproofs
* 1.5 Week Physical Proofset (optional, you can bypass this is ok with pdfs)
* 2-3 Weeks Manufacturing after approved proofs.
* 1 Week shipping

Projects that are custom die or have complicated printing or assembly may take longer, especially in the proofing process.

BUDGET: If your price range doesn’t fit the product, we’ll try to make suggestions for something that will.

Minimum Quantity is 300 sets, or 500 packaging only for most media & packaging.
Can you order less? Yes… but you’ll be paying the same price as 300 or even 500 units (which is usually super close in cost to 300 units). Commercial products require presses and set up costs, they aren’t suited to small runs.

Video Screen Panel Packaging has a minimum quantity of 50 units, but 100 is a much better price point.

SPEC: Normally your graphic designer will provide you with a spec. If you are not that far along, we may be able to help with a rough estimate. You can start with one of our specs or a photo. You’ll need to provide some specifics.

General Description: Hardbound cd book to hold one cd and one dvd with 16pp inner pages.
Qty: 500 sets
Book Dimensions: 5×5″
Outer Wrap: 4C with matte lam
Inner Wrap: solid black
Media Types: 1 CD, 1 DVD5
Hold Media: Solid black glued on sleeve/pockets, one on each end panel
Inner Pages: 16pp stapled
Assembly: insertion of cd & shrink wrap
Shipping: standard 6-12 days, one addr in US
Special Effects Printing: 3 panels of foil, front/spine/back
Notes: Looking for a scrapbook type of feel, ideas for adding “photo corners”?
Target Budget Range: can’t go over $7500, prefer $5k range
Schedule: Release end of summer
Project Phase: we are ready to start designing, need templates