Inner Pages – Stapled

Inner Pages of Hardcover Books:

  • Smaller numbers of inner pages are usually stapled.
    • Larger number can be perfect bound (example 48pp) or saddle stitched.
  • Stapled booklets are generally all the same paper stock.
  • 4pp Intervals starting at 8pp (unless you want zero pages which is possible but uncommon)
    • pp = Printed Panel, each one can be numbered, just like any book.
  • Paper stock for inner pages can be coated or uncoated (matte) white.
    • Glossy is recommended for photos.
    • Special order stocks can be done but most things can be created with white.
      • For a vintage looks, you could order cream or you could create a pattern on uncoated white
  • Unprinted Fly Sheets are a fun add-on.

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