Folding Box Sets – Deluxe Retail Product Boxes

Folding Box Sets – Deluxe Retail Product Boxes

Folding Box Sets – Deluxe Retail Product Boxes that Fold


Folding boxes are made with a rigid, chipboard core and wrapped with either a printed 4C wrap or a material wrap like leather or linen. They fold flat and use either adhesive tape or magnets to assembly.

Sizes and Shapes

Custom made for any dimension or products. Interior wells or trays can be added to hold specific retail items (perfume, cosmetics, media, etc).

Folding Box Sets Usage

Perfect for Limited Editions, Collectors Sets, Mixed Media, and Product Retail Box Sets.


  • Qty
  • Adhesive tape or magnetic
  • Dimensions LxWxH
  • What media and items the bold will need to hold
  • How to hold the media  (trays, foam wells, lift out ribbons, etc)
  • Outside – printed 4C, linen or leather wrap
  • Inside – printed 4C, solid wrap, unprinted
  • Special printing effects
  • Assembly
  • Proofing
  • Shipping

Min order 300 units with media, 500 without.

Popular: books, cd, dvd, vinyl, USB
Possible: video screen embedded inside

Client inserted: cosmetics, perfume, jewelry, TENS machines, etc.


  • Media loose in box
  • Media in Foam Trays wells, customized to fit any media
  • Lift out Ribbons or Thumbnotches

Outside Options: 4C Print, Linen, Vegan Leather
Inside Options: Unprinted, 4C Printing, 1C Black Wrap
Linen & Leather



Folding Box Sets

Deluxe folding box sets using folding boxes to hold products, retail items, or media collections. Folding box sets use adhesive tape or magnetic options to assemble. They are rigid boxes with a chipboard core and wrapped with a full color 4C Wrap, Linen fabric, or Leather material. The boxes are made to hold retail products or media collections such as discs, vinyl LP, or books. Interior wells can be added to hold products, along with lift out ribbons.

If you do do want a fully enclosing box, you may want to check out our slipcases, which are made to bundle items such as books together and usually show spines. Slipcases also fold flat, but are made of art card (350gsm) and not a rigid box.

Folding Box Sets - deluxe retail product box, chipboard core wrapped with 4C print, magnetic, interior wellsDeluxe folding box chipboard core 4C wrap adhesive tape

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