Can you make an Extra Wide Spine?


What’s the spine width on that?   Tell me about spine widths; can the spine be printed? can you make it extra wide?
Yes, but…
Yes, we can make it any width you want. However consider carefully.  
  • If the spine is unsupported, the packaging may flatten during shipping.
  • Also if the contents aren’t thick enough, the disc or vinyl might fall out after it’s opened.

Extra wide spines are always possible, but be careful the spine isn’t too wide for the product.

Impact of Materials & Contents on Spines

  • The thicker the material, the more it will support a wide spine. Chipboard is very sturdy, so products like LPs or books, can have very wide spines.
  • The more contents inside, the more support the spine has. For example, booklets, pages, inner sleeves, or components like trays, will all help support a wide spine.

Common Spine Widths on 4pp Products

PackagingStandard SpineWide Spine
4pp Jacket
15/16pt 350gsm+
4pp Digipak
15/16pt 350gsm+
4pp LP
Chipboard + 120gsm Wrap
4pp Book
Chipboard + 120gsm Wrap
Spine Widths on Common 4pp Packaging

Spine Widths for 2pp Jackets

It is much harder with 2pp jackets to do a printable spine. Regular 2pp cd jackets do not have a printable spine. We have made extra wide spine (3mm) versions of these to hold discs in inner sleeves and booklets. If the contents do not support it, the disc will fall out after the shrinkwrapping is removed. Another alternative is to make a very thick 2pp LP with chipboard core. If you are wanting to make Vinyl Sized LP, we have several variations to explore – with and without a spine!

Extra wide spine 2pp Jacket, spine width 3mm
Extra Wide Spine 2pp Jacket

Here are a few examples showing spine widths…

Spine widths 4pp jacket spine width is usually 4-5mm but can go up to 7mm wide spine

Spine Widths

Vinyl Book Spine
Spine on CD Book

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