We manufacture Custom Vinyl Album Packaging. You can choose some really fun options such as an album with swinging sleeves, a linen wrapped LP, or an album with attached inner pages. Our special materials and paper stocks, in additiona to all the printing effects we offer,  will give you lots of options!

Types of Custom Vinyl Album Packaging

Custom Vinyl Album Packaging Examples

BlueNote LP Album

Blue Note record albums were produced by a record label many, many years ago. They are known for being  high quality, both in content and in packaging. Blue Notes are made with very study core material to give the product rigidity.

  • Rigid core material
  • 4C Wrap & Lamination

Bluenote LP thick rigid chipboard core material, CD LP or vinyl LP sizes

If a product has a sturdy enough core material, we are able to wrap it in a special material, like linen or linen fabric paper instead of the traditional printed paper. Linen is a wide weave, porous fabric and can only be printed with simple (not detailed) artwork. It is a custom process from special ordering the fabric in the color you want, and working with the art for the best outcome. Some linens have tighter weaves that others and work better with more complex art, and then there’s what we call a linen fabric paper which has a super tight weave and can take 4C printing. The result is breathtaking and undoubtable a statement piece. 

Vinyl Covers and Sleeves

2pp and 4pp Bifold covers are the traditional way to package single or double record sets:

Vinyl LP Packaging 2 Record Set Album Packaging, Double LP Record Set Custom Vinyl Album Packaging

Boxes can be made with built in swinging sleeves to hold records or other media. Many clients like a die cut center hole to showcase the record title, and sometimes a top notch to help ease the record out of the sleeve. We can also do glued on sleeve pockets.

top loading LP pages sleeves in vinyl book Coil LP

record in paper sleeve in front of green linen box set booklet insert lyrics Atlas

Inner sleeves come in many styles:

  • Printed 4C, 1C
  • Unprinted white or black
  • Die cut center hole or solid


Vellum sleeves make for a special touch. The vellum paper stock is a little parchment like (not quite transparent) and has a slightly yellow tinge. Printing on this type of paper is possible and has a subtle effect.

Vellum Sleeves with Printing CD Box Set

Some other add-ons for Custom Vinyl Album Packaging