We manufacture all kinds of boxes for vinyl including 2 piece vinyl box sets, hinged 1 piece vinyl boxes, as well as rigid side loading vinyl boxes to hold record collections. You can choose some really fun options such wrapping with linen or leather, wrapped LP, adding inner sleeves, or even a vinyl box set with attached sleeves.  Our special dies, materials, and paper stocks, in addition to all the printing effects we offer,  will give you lots of options!

Boxes for Vinyl Manufacturing, Printed Vinyl Boxes 

Styles of Boxes for Vinyl Sets

2 Piece Vinyl Boxes Top & Bottom Set

Vinyl boxes need a sturdy core material to hold the weight of the records and whatever other media is in the set. We use a rigid chipboard core and wrap it with printed paper. Optionally, the box can be wrapped with a special material like linen or vegan leather

Vinyl Box Set 2Piece boxes for vinyl, vinyl boxes

Hinged Vinyl Boxes

Boxes for vinyl records can be made like a pizza box – a hinged one piece unit. 

  • Rigid core material
  • 4C Wrap & Lamination or Linen or Leather Wrap
  • Printing outside, option for inside printing
  • Dimensions approximately 12×12, depth depending on the content

CD Box Sets CD Boxes 5x5 Hinged with metallic ink printing on front, chipboard core, 4C wrap laminated

Rigid, Side Loading Vinyl Boxes

Boxes for vinyl can also be side loading boxes made with a rigid chipboard core. 

  • Rigid core material
  • 4C Wrap & Lamination or Linen or Leather Wrap
  • Printing outside only
  • Dimensions approximately 12×12, depth depending on the content


Blue linen wrapped LP Box set vinyl and cd boxes with digipak packaging

Vinyl Book Box Set

You may also want to consider a hardcover vinyl book  with a slipcase.

Vinyl book mixed media set with 4 records and 1 cd

Hardcover Book 12″ Vinyl Size

Linen & Leather Wrapped Boxes for Vinyl 

If a product has a sturdy enough core material, we are able to wrap it in a special material, such as linen or linen fabric paper instead of the traditional printed paper. Linen is a wide weave, porous fabric and can only be printed with simple (not detailed) artwork. It is a custom process from special ordering the fabric in the color you want, and working with the art for the best outcome. Some linens have tighter weaves that others and work better with more complex art, and then there’s what we call a linen fabric paper which has a super tight weave and can take 4C printing. The result is breathtaking and undoubtable a statement piece. 

Leather Wrap Box Sets

Adding Vinyl Covers or Inner Sleeves to Vinyl Box Sets

The records inside the box set need a protective covering, such as a printed jacket or sleeve. 

  • Record Jackets
    • 2pp or 4pp, 4C printed
  • Inner Sleeves
    • Solid
    • Die cut center hole
    • Printed or unprinted 

Vinyl LP Packaging 2 Record Set Album Packaging, Double LP Record Set Custom Vinyl Album Packagingrecord in paper sleeve in front of green linen box set booklet insert lyrics Atlas


Vinyl Box Set Swinging Sleeves

A swinging sleeve is great way to add a record or two. Because records are heavy, it is best to use one sleeve per record. However cds can be laid up 2 or 3 per sleeve. 

view of LP sleeve page in vinyl book packagingBox Set 8x8 hinged rigid chipboard core fold out sleeve 2disc large book in backRigid Vinyl LP set swinging sleeve black linen paper fiberboard kraft sleeve for record 12inch white foil


Inner Sleeves

Inner sleeves made with a thin stock paper provide a protective covering for the records. We can make these printed or plain, and with a variety of paper types.  Vellum  paper is fun option. The vellum paper stock is a little parchment like (not quite transparent) and has a slightly yellow tinge. Printing on this type of paper is possible but has a subtle effect.

Printed Vellum Sleeves CD PackagingMatching CD and Vinyl Set, green linen wrap on record collection box and uncoated matte paper digipak


Some other add-ons for Custom Vinyl Album Packaging

Check out our ADD ONS Page!

  • OBI Strips / Belly Bands
  • Resealable Bags
  • Inner Sleeves; Solid White, Black, 1C, 4C, Vellum Sleeves
  • Booklets & Posters 
  • Softcover & Hardcover Companion Books, Notebooks
  • Flashcards
  • Business cards