Deluxe Box Sets – Rigid Chipboard Core

Deluxe Box Sets – Rigid Chipboard Core

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Deluxe Box Sets (Rigid, Chipboard Core)
These are deluxe boxes, made with a rigid, chipboard core and wrapped with either a printed 4C wrap or a material wrap like leather or linen. Custom made for any dimension / products.  Boxes can be hinged (1 piece) or a 2 piece top / bottom lid set.

See product details in DESCRIPTION below.

Choices to make:

  • Qty
  • Hinged Box or 2 Piece Box (Top & Bottom)
  • Top loading or opening like a book
  • Dimensions LxWxH
  • What media and items the bold will need to hold
  • How to hold the media (loose or attached)
  • Outside – printed 4C, linen or leather wrap
  • Inside – printed 4C, solid wrap, unprinted
  • Special printing effects
  • Assembly
  • Proofing
  • Shipping

Min order 300 units with media, 500 without.

Popular: cd, dvd, vinyl, USB
Possible: video screen embedded inside

Media Individually Packaged (Loose):
Sleeves (Solid, Printed, Vellum), Jackets (Printed 2pp or 4pp), etc.
Media attached to box:
Disc Trays: clear, recycled paper
Foam Trays: customized to fit any media
Hubs: cork, foam
Glued on Sleeve-Pocket: 4C, 1C, solid black, die cuts
Swinging Sleeve for Hinged Boxes

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