Deluxe Box Set Portfolio – Not your Everyday Boxes

Welcome to our Deluxe Box Set Packaging Portfolio. Here you’ll find photos of all kinds of boxes, for example deluxe wrapped chipboard boxes, folding product boxes, vinyl set boxes, hinged boxes, 2 piece sets, slipcase sets, rigid side loading boxes,... Read More

Hardcover Books Portfolio, Photos to Inspire!

Browse our Hardcover Books Portfolio with lots of beautiful photos of hardcover books we’ve manufactured over the years. We’ve assembled some of our favorite titles to show you what our various hardcover book manufacturing capabilities are. We hope you find... Read More

Rigid Chipboard Packaging – The Thickness You Want

What’s chipboard packaging? Chipboard is the behind the scenes material that makes thick, rigid packaging. We’ve all seen the finished products – beautifully wrapped, deluxe retail boxes for products, media, fancy hardcover books, rigid LPs. But you probably never peeled... Read More

Eco Friendly Packaging, Your Planet Thanks You

Eco friendly packaging is actually something we do by default. Or maybe we should say by intent. This is because our philosophy is to try to help the planet as much as possible. Our standard paper has 70-80% recycled post... Read More

Making Vintage Packaging That Looks Authentic

Interested in making vintage packaging? We can help create your vintage looking title with some of our special paper stocks and effects, such as soft, matte paper that will make the packaging feel soft and look old. Or may we... Read More

Special Effects Printing Portfolio – Foil, Spot Gloss, Emboss

A collection of our favorite titles using Special Effects Printing such as foil stamping, embossing, debossing, spot UV gloss, spot white, metallic inks and more. Welcome to our collection of Special Effects Printing. We’ve assembled some of our favorite titles... Read More

Linen & Leather Wrapped Packaging, Vintage, Luxurious

Welcome to our Collection of Linen & Leather Wrapped Packaging. If you want to make a title really stand out, consider a special texture material such as linen or leather. Vintage linen wrapped packaging is beautifully old world. Linen packaging... Read More

Multidisc Sets & Mixed Media Portfolio, Packaging Solutions

We are often asked what is a good way to package multi disc titles, and mixed media sets. There are so many ways…maybe the best way is to show you what we’ve made for some of our other clients. Our... Read More