Eco Friendly Packaging

Eco Friendly Packaging

Eco Freindly Packaging CD jacket fiberboard stock unbleached

Recycled and Reclaimed Paper
Plastic Free Alternatives

Eco packaging is actually something we do by default. Or maybe we should say by intent. Our standard paper has 70-80% recycled post consumer waste! We also offer a reclaimed pulp paper, which is a very organic, unbleached brown color. We also use vegetable based inks and recycled materials as much as possible. You may notice you don’t see a lot of plastic cases on our site. That’s because we’ve specially sourced special plastic-free alternatives for packaging. Take a look at some of our eco-friendly options!

Recycled Paper

Our recycled paper uses 70-80% post consumer waste! It is crisp for color print and special effects. It also retains fiber integrity for strength and durability.

Recycled paper eco-friendly high post consumer waste
Recycled Paper, High PCW

Matte Uncoated

If you are looking for a soft feel, matte uncoated is the ideal choice. This is unfinished / unvarnished paper. The less chemical processes, the better!

Matte uncoated recycled paper
Matte Uncoated Paper


This paper is made from reclaimed, end of chain, pulp material that would ordinarily be discarded. Instead, the waste is used to create this special paper that you can use for organic looking titles. It is unbleached so it has a brownish color. The texture is fibrous.

Fiberboard stock jacket, oversized, foam hub and magnet inside
Fiberboard Jacket
TED TALK fiberboard jacket
TED TALK Fiberboard CD Jacket
Fiberboard and Foil Stamping CD Packaging
Foil Stamping on Fiberboard

Plastic Alternatives

May we suggest recycled paper trays instead of plastic? Or foam trays that are easily made in any size? How about hubs? We have cork and foam. There are also glued on sleeves, swinging / hanging / fold out sleeves that make great plastic alternatives in books, jackets, LPs, or boxes.

Paper tray on cd digipak, 100% recycled paper with cork hub
100% Recycled Paper Tray Digipak
Cork HUb National Geographic Eco Jacket
Cork Hub on Nat. Geographic Eco Jacket
Foam Tray Plastic Free Alternative Packaging Digipak Disc and 2 USB cut outs, full color printing underneath
Foam Tray Cut for 1 Disc & 2 USB Drives

Our Top Pick Eco Friendly Products:

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