Looking to print a hardcover book? We are here to help! Hardcover books come in many sizes and with a large number of variable features. One thing they all have in common: hard cover book are made with a sturdy chipboard core material.

Hardcover Book Media Type & Size

Hardcover books are frequently classified by popular media sizes, such as cd books or vinyl books, but the books do not have to contain any media or be that exact size. Below are the approximate sizes:

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Hardcover Books – Outside and Inside Wraps

We make books with a process called book binding. The hard cover is made with a rigid piece of chipboard which is then wrapped. The standard wrap is a full color 4C printed piece of paper, laminated and glued to the chipboard. However we can also wrap the outside of the book with a special material such as linen or leather for a more vintage look.

  • Book Outside Wrap Options
  • Book Inside Wrap Options
    • 4C Printed paper
    • 1C Printed paper
    • Solid black paper

Hard Cover Book Inner Pages

The pages inside a book, or inner pages, are attached to the book. We sometimes refer to this as the booklet but it is not a detachable element. The inner page binding is stapled, perfect bound, or stitched perfect binding. Some books have no inner pages and focus purely on showcasing media, while others have a very large number of pages. Book pages are made in 4pp increments, basically long rectangular sheets folded in half. Some fun customizations of the inner pages include adding fly sheets or a vellum overlay. We can also add a Swinging Sleeve to hold media to the front or back of the inner pages

Fly sheet on inside of hardcover book

Fly Sheets

Ways to Hold Media in Hardcover Books

Disc Media & Add-Ons for Hardcover Books

We can make Hardcover Books without media (traditional pages) or with media that we manufacture for you. You may also want to look at some fun add-ons such as slipcases or bellybands. Below are some of the other items frequently asked for.

You may also want to check out our site dedicated to Hardcover Books.

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