Custom Sized Books

Custom Sized Books

CUSTOM SIZED BOOKS can hold discs, records, books, or any media collection.
Standard sizes are 5×5 “cd”, 5×7 “dvd”, and 12×12 “vinyl”. Custom is any other size you’d like. Storybook (6×8″) is a popular request. Books can also be vertical or horizontal layout.
Hardcover books are made with a chipboard core and wrapped with a 4C print, or a special fabric or material (linen, leather). You can have any number of inner pages in 4pp increments. Media can be held in a variety of ways.

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Custom Sized BOOKS are any dimensions other than the 5×5″, 5×7″, or 12×12″ varieties.
Popular examples include sizes like 6×8″ Storybook Size, or a larger 9×11″. We can make books any size for you. However, some pre-made components (i.e., clear plastic trays) are only available in standard sizes so you might need to use media holding elements that allow more flexibility, such as sleeves, hubs, or foam inserts.

Choices to make:

  • Qty
  • Dimensions
  • Media
  • How to hold the media
  • Inner Pages (number/binding)
  • Outside wrap
  • Inside wrap
  • Special printing effects
  • Assembly
  • Proofing
  • Shipping


  • Minimum order is 300 units.
  • 500 Quantity is almost the same cost as 300, and a much better per unit price.

Custom Size Book – Anything you’d like, Storybook 6×8, 9×11, 8×8, etc. Let us know what you’d like to make!
If you’d like to see more standard book sizes, check out:

CD Books DVD Books Vinyl Books

Popular: any
Possible: cd, dvd, vinyl, usb, video screen, download card, books, posters, cassette (client made/inserted)
Disc Manufacturing USB Manufacturing LCD Video Panel

Foam Inserts/Trays
Hubs: cork, foam
Glued on Sleeve-Pocket: Vinyl Sized, CD Sized
Swinging Sleeve: (also called Hanging Sleeve) 4C, 1C, solid color, die cuts
Clear trays (5×5″ and 5×7″) and Paper Trays may be challenging to use in a non-standard size book.

Foam Tray Foam Hub Cork Hub Glued on Sleeve/Pocket Swinging Sleeve Clear 5″ Tray Clear 7″ Tray Paper Tray

Most books have pages. The inside pages in a book are made in 4pp increments. These are referred to as the inner pages or inside booklet. The booklet is attached to the book, and the method of attaching it often depends on how many pages there are.

  • 8pp-28pp Stapled / Saddle Stitch Option
    • 4pp – 12pp can be attached to the wrap at the center spine.
    • 16pp+ should have one page glued down to the panel.
  • 32pp+ Perfect Bound / Saddle Stitch Option
    • Spec’d with a 4pp cover (25o gsm) +  inner pages (150 – 100 gsm).
    • Covers are thicker material and can have special effects like foil or spot gloss.
    • One cover is glued to the end panel.
Stapled Perfect Bound Vellum



Recycled Paper Uncoated Vellum


Hardcover books are made with a chipboard core that is wrapped with paper, fabric, or material.


  • 4C Wrap – Full color 120gsm wrap + matte or gloss lamination
  • Linen Wrap  & Fabrics
    • Printing is 1C black silkscreening on loose weave, or up to 4C on tighter weave fabric.
    • Foil stamping
  • Leather (vegan)
    • Foil stamping or debossing
    • Cannot be printed with ink


4C Wrap Solid Black Matte Kraft Linen Leather


We offer many types of printing effects (Foil, Emboss/Deboss, Spot UV Gloss, Metallic Ink) and Custom Dies.
Foil Emboss/Deboss Spot Gloss Metallic Ink Custom Dies


If you’d like to add a slipcase, we can do that for you.

  • 4C Print / Full Color
  • 15/16pt 350gsm Art card or thicker
  • Open one side or tube style

Other add-ons include things like ribbons, velcro tabs, posters, download cards, etc. Let us know what you need!
Add a slipcase Various Add-ons

We have a site dedicated to books if you’d like to see additional options.

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